In the modern fashion world, there are many designers,who made a revolution in clothes or are famous for their shocking ideas, but there are also those who create things suitable for ordinary people and everyday life. Among such designers there are also creators of things-icons, clothes mast-khev for any fashionista. Among these designers, of course, stands out Diane von Furstenberg and her dress with a smell.

Family and childhood

Diana, who before her marriage bore the surname Khalfin,was born in Brussels in 1946. Her mother and aunt went to Auschwitz, and the story of their dating is worthy of a special mention. In the 30th year, after the persecution of Jews began, Sima Vaisman and her cousin Leon leave their home in Chisinau. In 42, Simu is arrested and sent to Auschwitz, where she meets a girl named Lily. Between them a friendship is fastened, in spite of which Lily did not tell her new friend that she had married her lover a few days before her arrest. Soon, Lily is transferred to another camp and the girls do not even think that they will ever meet. Surprisingly, both were able to survive, and when Shema came to her brother Leon after the war, she met Lily there. It was for her brother and her girlfriend in the concentration camp who married her a few days before her arrest.

Sima and Lily, of course, have recognized each other, but neitherdid not say a word about their common past in Auschwitz. Only after years Sima will describe this story in his memoirs. And Lily, who returned from the camp exhausted to an extreme degree, was diagnosed with infertility. Despite this, Lily and Leon were able to become parents, and in 46 they had a daughter, Diana.

diana von fürstenberg

Father Diana after the war was able to start in Brusselsbusiness in the trade of electrical goods, on which he managed to make a good fortune. When her daughter was 13, Leon and Lily divorced, and Diana went to a boarding school. All teenage years, she moved from one European school to another, until finally she remained in Switzerland with her mother, where she received an economic education.

Acquaintance with the future husband

At 18 years old in one of the trendy clubs Diana meetsa young guy with whom she begins an affair. This guy was Edward von Furstenberg, none other than the son of an Austrian prince. Edward and Diana travel together a lot, but a year later the girl throws her lover and leaves for Paris. There, thanks to her work at the photo studio, she gets acquainted with the world of high fashion and decides to move to America. In addition, Edward studied in the States, and mixed feelings remained to him. Diana was jealous and bored. Their chance meeting in St. Moritz and Edward's invitation to him to New York make the girl live in two cities.

diana von fürstenberg photo

At this time, Diana is getting even closer to the worldfashion - she works already in the textile manufactory Angelo Feretti and begins to make the first sketches of future dresses. She already understands that her calling is clothing. Diana von Furstenberg soon learns that she is in position and is going to terminate the pregnancy. I must say that in 69, it was done just as quickly and simply, as it is in our time. But Diane's mother persuaded her to first inform the father of the child. From Furstenberg she received a telegram with the words "the date of the wedding on July 15". They say she still keeps this message.

Marriage and the birth of children

Pregnant firstborn, Diana is torn to pieces - on the one hand, the dream comes true to move to New York, on the other, she pities her teacher Angelo Feretti.

The wedding of Diana and Edward was held not far fromParis. The bride wore a white dress from Dior and a broad-brimmed hat. So Diana Khalfin becomes a princess and aristocrat. In the 70th her son Alexander was born, and three months later she was pregnant again with her daughter Tatyana. Children did not affect the bohemian way of life of the couple. They still attend parties, receptions and dinner parties. Diana turns in a fashionable world and is friends with Andy Warhol, Valentino, editors of fashion magazines.

Three years after the wedding, the spouses divorce. Despite the obvious problems in marriage - her work and popularity, his betrayals and binges - they are bred easily and smoothly. Diana does not ask for alimony, leaves his name and, moreover, the former husband and wife will be able to maintain friendship.

Years later, Diana married again, forbillionaire Barry Diller. In the 70's they had a romance, then they broke up, and in 2001 met again and got married. The couple are still together. According to Diana herself, in the 70's they were too young, and now Barry is an ideal husband.

diana von fürstenberg

Carier start

The first steps in the world of fashion Diana began before marriagewith Edward, when she worked for Feretti. He allowed her to use fabrics from her factory, from which the girl sewed outfits. Before her departure to America, pregnant Diana came to the factory at night and sewed from what was. Several ready-made outfits, she was taken to the States, where she showed the editor-in-chief of Vog. She liked the models and she actually launched the fashionable brand "Diana von Furstenberg." Dresses created by the beginning designer were given the right to enter the world of big fashion, having an initial capital of 30 thousand dollars (and Diana never wanted to depend on a rich spouse) she founded her own clothing brand in 1970.

diane background furstenberg dresses

She from the very beginning has headed for a female suit,which will make absolutely anyone attractive. In this brand philosophy - to create things that adorn every figure. By the way, Diana from the very beginning refused to think about men's clothes and until now the brand is aimed only at clothes for women. However, in due course in it there were accessories, footwear and bags.

Diana von Furstenberg - the first success of the fashion brand

The very first collections of the fashion house of steelincredibly successful, and all thanks to a dress with a smell. This is the idea of ​​Diana herself, who wanted to create the perfect dress not for the goddess of the podium or the red carpet, but for an ordinary woman who goes to work, walks with children, goes to the store. At the same time she wanted to make this woman attractive. Looking at the covers of fashion magazines with shapeless assexual dresses of the 70's and hippie-style hoodies, the beginning designer hammered into her head that she needed a dress that was feminine and sexy, and that was the dress with the smell of Diana von Furstenberg.

dress with the smell of diana von fürstenberg

The designer himself called his style "piece of fabric withsleeves ". In fact, this is a dress on the strings without zippers and buttons, cut as a robe. But everyone liked its advantages - it is easy to put on, it does not crumple, it is suitable for any occasion, and most importantly - the silhouette of an hourglass pulled in a waist with a thin girdle adorns any figure. 1975 was declared the year of the dress with the smell of a light hand Vogue. This style in English is called wrap dress and one such from Diane Von Furstenberg is stored in the costume museum at the Metropolitan.

By the way, during this period, as the main model andThe person of her brand is Diana von Furstenberg herself. Photo in magazines, on billboards, shows the designer in his own creations, which went to her incredibly.

Disappointment in fashion and a new takeoff

Despite the frenetic success of the brand and the hugedividends from the sale of a patent for a dress with a smell, in the second half of the 80's the popularity of the brand falls. Diana, experiencing a creative crisis, decides to go out of fashion. The financial crisis is also being imposed - clothes are not sold, stores are forced to reduce prices to a minimum. At one of the parties she meets writer Alain Elkann and with him moves to Paris, where she works in the publishing business. For 5 years she needed to understand that Alain was cheating on her and missed her favorite business. But in New York in 1990, very few people remember who Diane von Furstenberg is.

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She helps to return to the ring of eminentdesigners a new idea - Silk Assets, a silk hoodie. He instantly becomes popular and revives the love of a dress with a smell, which is now bought up in flea markets and in vintage stores. Did not prevent her from once again climbing the fashionable Olympus and the cancer of the language, which Diana successfully overcame.

Brand Today

In the 2000s, the brand not only creates a new collectionto each season. Diana von Furstenberg produces jewelry, launches a line of shoes. More than 30 mono-brand boutiques are open all over the world, but in general its outfits can be bought in 70 countries of the world. A lot of famous ladies are devoted fans of the brand. This is Michelle Obama, and Fergie, and Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

diana background furstenberg collection

As von Furstenberg herself says, she, of course,was beautiful and rich, and moreover she was a princess, which opened many doors for her and helped her to become successful. But around there were a lot of such rich and beautiful, but not everyone of them could achieve similar results. In addition, the brand is a great example, as a legend from the past can become the main trend of the present.

Love of Russia

With Russia, Diana associates love with a long life. Her father was born in Chisinau and when Diana was little, he spoke with her in Russian, read to her classics and instilled love for Russian art. In an interview, the fashion designer always says that her father was very fond of her and therefore Russian speech is associated with her with love.

She named her children Russian names: Tatiana in honor of Tatiana Yakovleva, Mayakovsky's friend, and Alexander in honor of his wife Yakovleva. They were familiar and friendly with Diana in her youth.

diana von furstenberg clothes

Love is also embodied in the work of art,Diana von Furstenberg carried her through life. The collection "Winter Palace", dedicated to "War and Peace" and "Doctor Zhivago", is an example of inspiration by Russian history and literature. Diana von Furstenberg's costume shows were held more than once in Moscow, and she even delivered a lecture to the students of Moscow State University, where she talked about the formation of her brand.

Interesting Facts

diana von fürstenberg

  • In 1976, the designer enters the Guinness Book of Records as a fashion designer who sold more than 5 million of his dresses in one year alone.
  • Brand Diane Von Furstenberg creates not only feminine dresses, for example, in 2003, a sports line for the brand Reebok was released.
  • And in 2012, the designer came up with limited bottles for Coca-Cola.
  • Diana von Furstenberg in her youth became a model for one of the works of Andy Warhol.
  • Once Diana donated half of her considerable fortune as a charity.
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