Raw, rainy and windy autumn is not yet a reasonfor bad mood and despondency. And certainly not a reason to cancel walks with a child. Just need to pick the right clothes, and then no weather whims are not terrible for you.

Autumn overalls for girls: the right choice

autumn overalls for girls
If you ask your parents what kind of clothes theyare going to buy their daughter for the autumn, then we are sure that most of them will answer - overalls. And this decision is completely justified. For a small child this is the most versatile kind of outerwear for the cold season. Modern models have excellent quality, original design. But most importantly, the autumn overalls for girls have a very important property - they do not get wet and do not let the cold wind pass. They are able to keep warm. Therefore, your charming princess will be warm and comfortable in such clothes.

Autumn overalls for girls: choose a model

If your girl is still very baby, then for herit is better to choose an autumn overall-transformer, which, if necessary, turns into a warm and cozy envelope. Soft fleece lining, hood, original design - which can be better for the fall. For example, beautiful overalls for girls - Disney (Russia), are designed to grow 80 cm.

Chicco: overall for your baby

children's autumn overalls for girls

The Italian company Chicco presentsA charming autumn coverall for a girl of pink color. Top cover - polyamide, insulation - thermorex + fluff, lining - soft cotton. The model is fastened with a zipper, there are detachable booties and mittens.

Autumn overalls for girls: Kiko

Separate children's overalls popularRussian company Kiko are in demand in our country. They are designed for an age of 5 to 8 years. These models are great for cold autumn. The upper fabric is 100% polyester, the lining is cotton. Heater - sintepon. The jacket is fastened with a zipper, there are knitted cuffs, adjustable hood. The length of the trousers changes with the help of the lapels.

Children's autumn overalls for girls: Kerry

The Finnish company Kerry is well known in ourcountry. The overall for the girl LILITH is made of a fabric asset. The upper part of it is made of a smooth fabric with a bright print, the bottom is made of a denser embossed fabric. Inside the collar and hood is a plush finish. Heater - isosoft synthetic material.

beautiful overalls for girls
Lassie: overall for girls

Autumn overall without a heater ofwaterproof and dirt-repellent fabric. The top is made of fabric with the original print, the bottom is made of monophonic fabric. Collar on fleece, on the back of the net. The hood is unfastened. For child safety there are reflective elements.

Brand Deux par Deux: clothes for girls

Beautiful and bright autumn overall for a girlfrom Canadian manufacturers is designed for temperatures from +5 to +15 degrees and high humidity. The kit includes a beautiful pink hat. The clothes of this company are of the highest quality. When creating models, the latest fashion trends are taken into account, the newest, safe fabrics are used.

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