Each world-famous brand has its ownhistory, but not every brand can boast of such an original development of events as Caterpillar. Boots this company initially did not even expect to produce. Everything began in the distant 1890 ...

caterpillar boots
In the late 19th century, two American inventors,Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt, began their activities to develop steam caterpillar tractors. Already in the twentieth century, the first tractor was produced for a couple and a tractor fueled by gasoline. In 1925 the company Caterpillar Tractor Co was created, which eventually became a real empire. Production has developed vividly, attracting more and more new workers, expanding supplies around the world. But how does this all relate to shoes? In fact, everything is very simple. The empire grew, the workers who worked for the corporation, were estimated in hundreds of thousands and were in 200 countries of the world. It was then that the leadership decided to create good working shoes for its workers. In the 80s of the last century, the Caterpillar Footwear brand was registered.

Originally, Caterpillar shoes with a powerful sole,like tractor caterpillars (and steel noses), were supplied exclusively to the working class. Durable and comfortable shoes like men working in factories and mines. Quite quickly the company became the leader in the production of professional shoes. The rebranding took place in 1994, when Caterpillar boots became part of the Wolverine Word Wide corporation, a brand that produces sports, travel and casual footwear. Thus, the first casual shoes of the Caterpillar were developed.

winter boots caterpillar
Nobody could have foreseen that by the beginning of the twenty-first centuryCaterpillar casual shoes will gain an enviable popularity among young people. If before 2000 the segment of footwear for daily wear made up only 10% of market capacity, then after several years the figure reached almost 85%! A sharp jump in the popularity of Caterpillar is due to new trends in the youth fashion. So, in the trend for several years casual and unisex. Caterpillar boots have their own unique, unique style, attract attention and are combined with a variety of clothes. In addition, they are so strong that they can serve you more than one decade.

caterpillar shoes
Not at all behind the new fashion trends, brandcontinues to produce more and more new models of shoes. But she kept her classical canons. The symbol Caterpillar can be called the famous yellow shoes. Who wears Caterpillar shoes? Students, rockers, builders, sportsmen, tourists ... What unites them all? The spirit of freedom, the desire for convenience and self-expression, self-confidence and independence from the generally accepted style! Young and brave fighters for the individual attracts all the most unusual!

Caterpillar winter boots are also popular withyoung and active people. They are developed by unique technologies, thanks to which the feet do not freeze even in the most severe frost. Natural fur, a non-slip sole-tractor, flavored insole - this is only part of the components of winter boots from Caterpillar. By purchasing shoes of this brand, you guarantee yourself not only convenience and comfort in any weather, but also get your own individual style.

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