Skagen is a dynamic watch brand that,despite his youth, won a number of authoritative awards in the field of design. His homeland is Denmark. Under this brand around the world, besides stylish watches, elegant women's handbags and exquisite jewelry are sold. Their design is focused on true connoisseurs of noble luxury, not striking.

Exquisite - Skagen watch style

The founders of the brand are Charlotte and Henrik Yorsty ofDenmark named it in honor of his native city. Skagen is a resort located in a place where the waters of the North and Baltic seas connect. It was here that in 1989 the Skagen watches were born, combining a minimalism with modern notes and refined classics. It seems that Scandinavian nature itself has given the models a piece of its harsh charm.

skagen watch

The style of the watch Skagen combines the refinement anddemocracy. Their owners are monarchs, politicians and ordinary people. In Denmark, after Skagen decorated the hand of Crown Prince Frederik's wife, they received recognition of the official hours of the royal family.

The couple of Yorstov, having moved to the USA, began to promotebrand in the country's market. The beginning was laid literally by several models in the minimalist style. After 6 years in the US there were about 240 points of sale of Scandinavian watches, and in 1999 the brand received the title of the most successful and fast-growing business in the local market.


More than 500 models of different designs - the basiscollection. New models appear in each season, flying around fashion boutiques in 65 countries. The Skagen watches represent not only beauty and elegance, but also reliability. The guarantee of this is the production mechanisms of Japan and Switzerland, high-quality materials and components: surgical steel and titanium housings, special mineral glass, Italian leather straps. In addition, the developers position the brand as a marital one.

Wrist watches Skagen are usually presented in retail by five collections.

  1. Steel is a symbol of elegance for confident men and punctual business women.
  2. Leather - watch on the branded leather strap. Subtlety and grace.
  3. Titanium is a symbol of reliability and stylishness.
  4. Swiss - impressive and solid.
  5. Sport - a symbol of energy.

The alloy of Scandinavian restraint and Swiss reliability is the Skagen watch. Feedback from grateful buyers confirms the correctness of the chosen style.

Skagen Steel

skagen watch

Members of the Danish royal family wear watches exactlyfrom this collection. The models use quartz movements Miyota (Japan), equipped with batteries with an extended life - up to 5 years. The use of high-quality stainless steel for the manufacture of cases gives them a special gloss. The design, quite democratic, is supplemented by models using gilding, Swarovski crystals and natural mother-of-pearl. Women's watches Skagen are offered in a rich color scheme.

The finish of the steel surfaces is carefully polished to a mirror finish. Contrast creates matte elements, processed in the technique of satin.

A characteristic feature of the collection is the presence of pair models. It really is a conjugal brand!

ladies watches skagen

Skagen Leather

A distinctive feature of the collection -complete with belts made of high quality, very pleasant to touch the natural leather. Their impeccable performance attracts attention. The case is stainless steel, the mechanisms are Miyota (Japan) and Ronda (Switzerland).

The basis of the collection are models in stylehour classics. Shells are predominantly round in shape. Some models are encrusted with rhinestones. The color scheme is in Scandinavian low key. The laconic design gives a special refinement to the models of the collection.

Skagen Titanium

wristwatch skagen

All watches of the collection are made of titanium. High-tech metal has a very valuable feature - it is hypoallergenic. In addition, it is lightweight, strong, durable.

Possessing less thermal conductivity than steel,titanium when in contact with the skin does not create a sense of discomfort. The attractiveness and aesthetics of the watch is very long. On a matte silver surface there are no scratches and mechanical damages.

The collection features a black-gray colorgamma design of models, dictated by the material. The combination of elegance and decorativeness, the presence of pair watches create an additional attraction for the watch. The highlight of the collection is the Black Titanium Carbon model with a carbon dial.

Skagen Swiss

The Swiss Skagen line is a model in whichhigh-quality mechanisms of Ronda are used. Alloy of Swiss quality and restrained Scandinavian design - the implementation of the highest standards of the brand. Imposing and respectability is the idea of ​​the line.

Skagen Sport

Specialized sports line ischronographs in modern execution. A characteristic feature is an elegant black coating, applied using PVD technology. 60% of the collection are watches in an ultra-light titanium case. Water protection - 10 atm. Chronographs Skagen Sport - an excellent option for fans of extreme sports, who appreciate elegance.

Ceramic watch

skagen watch

This group is a decoration of the brand and a tribute to fashion. High-tech ceramics of various colors, from which the shells and bracelets of models are made, is a perfect example of quality and beauty. The dials of women's watches are decorated with Swarovski stones. Popular colors are white and black.

Hypoallergenicity is a very valuable qualityceramics as a material for making watches. It is characterized by high hardness. The lack of material is its fragility. Today, ceramics are no longer perceived as exotic. Using this innovative material brings a note of freshness to the collection.

Ultrathin clock

Models from the Skagen Ultra Slim collection havethickness of only 5 mm. The cases are made of steel, titanium or ceramics. Light and comfortable watch with quartz movement. Accurate and almost weightless, they never fail.

Watch straps Skagen

Wristwatches on the strap, regardless of brand,have a disadvantage - the life of the strap is much shorter than the life of the watch. For the entire period of using the watch, the consumer can change up to a dozen straps. The watches Skagen are not an exception. Customer feedback in the group of fans of the brand in the social network "VKontakte" in the first place contain questions about the purchase of straps. And most prefer to pick up the original accessory.

In order to order a watch strap for Skagen,first of all, it is necessary to correctly determine the model. Usually it is indicated in the passport and in the warranty card. If documents are not at hand, you can see the model number on the back of the watch.

watch strap skagen

When choosing a strap, you need to take into account such parameters:

  • Connection size (width of "ears" on the body);
  • The design and color of the fastener cover;
  • color, material (leather, rubber, silicone).

watch strap skagen

Wrongly selected, it can distortimpression of the clock. It is desirable that the color, texture, design of the fastener coincide with the original. Despite the seeming simplicity of replacing the belt, it is not recommended to do it yourself. There is a risk of scratching the clock or even losing it if the work is not done correctly. It is better to entrust this work to a specialist by contacting a service center.

Warranty and repair

Skagen is a very reliable and high-quality watch. However, with the best hours there are troubles. Most often there is a need to replace the battery in the quartz watch. It is recommended in this case to contact an authorized service center or a specialized workshop. When dismounting the rear cover to replace the battery, it often becomes necessary to replace the seals that ensure the watch's tightness and water resistance. Turning to specialists, the consumer is guaranteed to receive the full range of necessary services. At the same time, the risk of breakage as a result of unskilled actions is excluded.

Wristwatches Skagen are subject to repair orThe control in case of revealing of lacks of a factory origin. The warranty period is 36 months after the sale, subject to the requirements stated in the operating instructions. Carefully read the rules of use outlined in the passport. It happens that the most important items in it are typed in small print.

Repair of the Skagen watch is recommended at the nearest service center, listed in the warranty card.

It is useful to know some features and rules regarding watches.

  1. The manufacturer's obligations do not apply to the battery, glass, cover and strap (bracelet).
  2. The manufacturer guarantees an established degree of water protection within 36 months after the sale. After this period, it is recommended to replace the gaskets and the oil seal on the key.

The warranty is void in the following cases:

  • watches have mechanical damages, traces of opening the lid or in the absence of details of external design (glass, arrows, etc.);
  • the malfunction has arisen due to improper or negligent use;
  • breakage is caused by extraneous interference;
  • there is no passport with a mark of a retailer.

The grounds for refusal can be the incorrect execution of documents for the goods.

In the event that the watch is not covered by the warranty or its term has expired, the service center performs paid repairs.

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