Style military, apparently from the zonethe attention of designers will never fall out. From year to year, undergoing a series of transformations and metamorphosis, he appears before us in his new incarnations. With varying intensity, his character is manifested: from brutal and hard to more feminine and attractive. Its elements can be outerwear, shoes, dresses, skirts and even military shorts. In what kind of a trend will manifest in your wardrobe, choose yourself.

Military shorts.

What kind of style is military?

Briefly it can be characterized as a style inthe spirit of wartime. For the first time on the fashion podium he began to appear after the First World War. From a practical point of view, its origin is caused by a shortage of civilian clothes, since many factories sewed and specialized in military uniforms. As a way to express their individuality, things with a vivid shade first began to be worn by hippies in the 60s. This was a kind of protest against the war. Even more popular military found in the 80 years, women's clothing has acquired a daring and brutal features. The main elements borrowed from the military are:

  • jackets and glasses aviators;
  • decorative stripes and copper buttons with embossed pattern;
  • trousers breeches;
  • jackets and double-breasted coats;
  • the color of the khaki fabric and camouflage as a whole as a print;
  • trench coat.

These are just basic elements. At the present stage, you can find absolutely any thing in this style and even military-shorts.

Shorts in the style of military.

Versatility and practicality

Military camouflage has long crossed the frameworka certain profession, now you can go anywhere, except that the office and the evening exit are still in doubt. Military shorts have one important and weighty characteristic - they are very convenient and practical. Care of them is minimal: only washing and in rare cases ironing, they are like a wand-rescue. Particularly noteworthy is the model with patch pockets up to the knee. The most convenient option for picnics, trips to nature, outdoor activities, etc.

Military shorts.

With what to wear shorts in the style of military?

This element of the wardrobe will please youuniversality. They will be useful to you in everyday life, for a trip to the country, rest, walks, shopping. At the same time, they are distinguished by their spectacular appearance and bright individuality.

Shorts in the style of military.

You can not go beyond the established framework andto assemble the image completely in the same style. Militari shorts are complemented with tight T-shirts made of fine knitwear, vests, loose shortened tops or T-shirts.

In the photo above you see a more adapted imagefor every day with loose short shorts, a classic white blouse and a jacket with an imitation of shoulder straps, metal buttons (characteristic features of style).

Military shorts.

To bring integrity and completeness,properly choose shoes and accessories. Look best army shoes, shawls, bandanas, aviator glasses, etc. And in summer they can easily be replaced by sandals on a massive platform.

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