Women's underwear, despite its invisibility underclothing, always attracted the attention of men. I like the woman I want to undress, in order to understand whether she is so beautiful (both in dress, and without him). The choice of linen today is varied - there are models for every taste and occasion. And, interestingly, something that is already forgotten is coming back into fashion, which in general is considered by many to be unacceptable in our time.

Knickers for women

Women's pantaloons are back in order! The so-called "grandmother's cowards" can be seen in many designer collections, which makes them even more interesting. By the way, the first trousers appeared at the end of the 18th century, and they were worn by mostly dancers of the cancan. A real "boom" for them came in the 50s of the last century, when all women without exception began to introduce them into their wardrobe. To understand why this happened, it is necessary to understand the essence of such a model.

Women's pantaloons, photos of which you can seeright now, are cowards with an overstated waist and a length just above the knee. However, at that time there was a much more impressive (up to calf) length. But all the same, the most convenient are those who, with their appearance, resemble tight shorts. This style was created for a reason. First, pantaloons are much better than cowards to protect the legs and lower back from the cold. Secondly, tightening the figure, they make it visually slimmer. So with their help you can hide the minor flaws of the body. Actually, this attracted women. Remaining invisible under the clothes, the women's pantaloons perfectly coped with their functions. As a result, men admired the beautiful legs, and the ladies felt much more confident.

Women's pants

Since then, little has changed. The appointment of inflated cowards remained the same, however, today they have become more interesting and modern. And they hardly want to call them old-fashioned.

In our time, women's pantaloons, as before,are made of cotton, linen, and also wool. There are two dominant models. Warm, sewn from woolen jersey, will protect the female genital organs from the cold. The most important thing for our harsh winters! The pulling pants are also sewn from knitwear, but already with the addition of rubber and elastic threads, which allows them to perform the function of a "corrector" of the figure. Thanks to them, the problem areas are smoothed out, the subcutaneous fat is redistributed. This is an excellent option for those who, wearing conventional panties, face such a problem as hip pincers. Women's pantaloons are available in various colors, with or without lace inserts. The length can also vary (there are products that are characterized only by an overstated waist, and the rest - as in ordinary panties).

Pantaloons for women

In general, lovely beauties, if you are tired ofstrings, pay attention to this model, which, of course, today is quite relevant. Pantaloons of women only at first glance seem ugly and uncomfortable. Although the famous designers and they turn into a real work of art. Be beautiful!

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