More recently, with the onset of frosty days, children appeared in the streets dressed in heavy and bulky fur coats, two hats carefully wrapped in scarves.

winter overall for girls
Today's kids were much luckier - they had warm, light, non-binding movements, bright overalls. Today we will tell you about overalls for girls.

The main argument when this item is selectedwardrobe for girls - a quality and reliable insulation. Even the most beautiful product should have the appropriate parameters, which primarily depend on the inner layer. First, carefully study the composition of the insulation layer. It is necessary to read the instruction on the label, which usually contains information on the materials used in the manufacture of all layers of overalls. Get the necessary consultation from the seller.

Winter overalls for girls needselect, taking into account the characteristics of her body, the parameters of her personal temperature regime, etc. There is an erroneous opinion that the thicker the layer of insulation, the warmer the product. A single layer of a new modern material keeps heat much more efficiently than several layers of synthepone.

winter overalls for girls finnish

It is necessary to know that winter overalls forgirls should have some features that distinguish it from the same model intended for the boy. There are zones that require additional warming and protection during walks. First of all, this is the zone of the buttocks - your baby can often sit on various cold surfaces, besides, these are knees (frequent falls) and shoulders (they have loads during snow or rain). Therefore, a good winter overall for a girl should be strongly protected in these zones. But these requirements apply to models that are designed for girls older than one year - for those young ladies who are still walking in the stroller, such subtleties are not important.

Modern overalls - this is a rescue for parents and an excellent solution for kids on frosty days. But provided that it is a question of qualitative clothes of known manufacturers of children's clothes. AT

winter overall for girl kiko
beautiful and light winter are popular in our countryoveralls for girls. Finnish models have been in demand in our market for decades. Such clothes will ensure your baby comfort during walks, even in the thirty-degree frost. Natural feather insulation provides this protection. Overalls are made of modern, environmentally friendly materials that have water and dirt repellent properties. It is easy to take care of them - enough after a walk to wipe the dirty areas with a damp sponge. The Finnish overalls do not hamper the movements, they are resistant to friction.

Another popular brand in our market is the children's brandclothes - the Russian company "Kiko", which successfully produces modern and comfortable children's clothing for more than a decade. Many parents are happy to buy from this manufacturer a winter overall for a girl. "Kiko" creates fashionable and comfortable clothes, which is designed for an unstable Russian climate.

In this season, the winter overall for the girl from the company "Kiko" is offered in the most popular shades: pink, lilac, raspberry, beige, etc.

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