The combination of French and Italian traditions increation of clothing, as well as a game of proportions and features of decoration brought world fame to Italian designer Valentino Garavani. He became a fashion legend, creating the styles of dresses of the world's leading celebrities and not only. The dress "Valentino" became a symbol of femininity, elegance and desire to express themselves in a modern manner, not ignoring the classical traditions.

valentino lace dress

Fashion Trends-2016

The pret-a-porter show autumn-winter 2016 determinednew trends, as they see the creators of the collection. The most popular were monochrome and black and white dresses. Attracts the attention of prints of dragons, abstract and geometric motifs, a combination of drawings in one style. Traditional red dresses were also presented in the collection of the brand. The models of colored laces did not become key, but only brought in minor color accents for the mood.

Most dresses were addedcollar-rack, which also speaks of the trend direction. The bow with long ties under the neck brought into the images a feminine direction. Separately it is worth noting the presence of three-dimensional knitted sweaters, which complemented the dress "Valentino" in multi-layer ensembles.

dresses ed valentino

Celebrities and brand Valentino

The designer began his career with training in France,enrolled in the school "High Fashion Syndicate". He worked for Dior, Balenciaga, Laroche and several other famous fashion houses before opening their first studio in 1959. It happened in Italy when he was 27 years old. He borrowed $ 150,000 from his father to open his own business and quickly returned the amount thanks to the attention and favor of his famous clients. Rome at that time was the capital of world cinema, where stars from different countries gathered. Clothes from Valentino quickly became popular with Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and other famous ladies.

Dresses "Red Valentino" represent an updatedconcept of the brand. It is designed for modern, confident women who want to look original and do not betray the tradition of elegance and elegance.

Dresses from "Valentino" prefer suchmodern celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Adele, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and many others. Photos from the red tracks are full of works of the world brand. Wedding dresses are especially popular, which are created directly by order of Hollywood celebrities.

30 shades of red

Red color has become an indispensable attributecollections Valentino Garavani. He became a landmark brand for the brand. No show is complete without the presentation of a red dress. In 2007, the designer retired. His last collection was marked by a whole fireworks of red dresses. The show went down in history.

The designer tells about the existence of thirty shades of red, which he used in his collections. Each year - another spectacular red dress.

Now the fashion house is headed by Maria Gracia Curieco-authored with Pier Paolo Piccioli, who breathed new life into the brand. Despite this, the essence remains unchanged: gentle silhouettes, floral prints, multi-layered skirts, a game of proportions and, of course, feminine lace. In the light of the latest fashion trends, they deserve even more attention. Red dress "Valentino" (lace) became a favorite on the red carpet and fashion show.

valentino dress

Classic Black

The fall-winter show 2016 marked another trend in thewithin the brand. They were monochrome black and black and white dresses. Fashion and graphic solutions of silhouettes will allow you to pick out the outfit even for the most demanding women of fashion. Black color is a timeless classic, and a small black dress "Valentino" (photo below) must adorn the wardrobe of every fashionista. In the new season, the emphasis is on closed outfits, which can be adapted for office or study. The black dress of "Valentino" will also be appropriate for holidays and parties. Images in the Gothic style have become a source of inspiration for many designers for the winter season-2016.

black valentino dress

Charm of wedding images

A real work of art can be calledwedding dress "Valentino". Models, actresses, aristocrats are honored for the honor to order a wedding dress from the famous brand. The creative duet, who heads the fashion house, composed in the new season about a dozen wedding dresses that attracted the attention of the fans from all over the world. Nicky Hilton, Beatrice Borromeo, Sophie Hunter, Sophie Sanchez, Frida Gustavson, as well as a number of other well-known fashion personalities in the world, highlighted their images with Valentino custom-made outfits. Key motifs of the season: lace, chiffon, guipure, delicate embroidery, plumes of various lengths, veil, decor with fluorescent beads, transparent inserts. And this is only a little of what the authors of dresses used, embodying the dreams of exquisite brides.

dress valentino pictures

In one of his interviews designer ValentinoGarawani said that the dress should live its own life. At the same time, it should bring joy to the hostess. Dress "Valentino" in any color is able to decorate the day and give the admiring glances of others. This is a small dream, embodied in every new image.

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