Stylists joke that there is no more French color,rather than gray. It only at first glance can someone seem boring and casual, but in fact gives the image sophistication and refinement. With the help of this shade, it is possible to emphasize and highlight more vivid and expressive details of the image. A total gray remains relevant for many years. This topic is simply inexhaustible and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

gray boots

Gray boots can be attributed to the basic wardrobe. This color is in harmony with most shades of the spectrum, it's easy to pick up the details. His eyes do not get tired, he does not bother. The main thing is to choose your ideal pair of shoes, which will be convenient.

A color scheme

Gray boots can be worn with black and whiteclothes, as well as with any bright shades: purple, canary yellow, emerald and even royal red. In order not to overload the image, select one bright detail, which will be the main accent. For example, it can be a bright knitted dress or spectacular skins of a juicy shade. With the help of laconic stylish shoes you can create a decent "background".

gray boots

Perfectly blend shades of the named color with milky-beige. And gray boots are great for blue and blue jeans.

Boots, gloves, bag

Fashionable women of the past, pondering over whatwear gray boots, first of all remembered about the bag in tone. Today, this is not only not mandatory, but even considered to be a mauveton to some extent.

winter gray boots

If you chose light gray boots, you can safelypick up a carpet or a clutch for a couple of shades darker. A bag of gray shade with a floral or geometric print is not a bad idea. An excellent idea may even be contrast. The main condition - the details of the wardrobe should be in harmony with each other.

Total Gray

If you plan to create a spectacular image ingray color, do not even try to pick up details that match each other in color. Much more interesting is the combination of clothes and accessories in one color scheme, but different in shade and saturation. Do not forget about the invoices. For example, suede gray mousetrap boots can be supplemented with a cardigan, a poncho or a dress of a large mating of a lighter shade. A bag made of textured leather will give a casual image expressiveness.

with what to wear gray boots

Unusual models of boots

Gray often uses in their collectionsmanufacturer of popular winter footwear UGG. So often that this color became a hit. Such shoes are just universal - it fits many models of outerwear for cold weather. Pick up a bright down jacket or a stylish sheepskin coat with a natural shade and always look impressive.

 gray boots

No less effective are the winter gray boots fromnatural or artificial fur. Stylists advise to focus on the image of this particular thing, combining it with more restrained details. Do not wear such shoes and with a long coat or fur coat - it will look inharmonious. Wide trousers or a skirt in the floor - also do not fit.

The best option for spectacular fur bootsgray - these are tight-fitting dark gray trousers or blue jeans. Sometimes they can create very effective images, combining the mentioned shoes with short skirts or warm shorts. In this case, you can supplement the image with gaiters as well.

Gray boots in an everyday and office wardrobe

In business style, preference is givenshoes or botilions of classical form. Boots are allowed for outings in the cold season, when a meeting with partners takes place, for example, in a restaurant or coffee shop. But if for some reason you plan not to change boots at work, choose models with a convenient shoe, a stable heel and a not too wide bootleg. The hidden platform in the hairpin company is not the best option for a business wardrobe, and in combination with a strict dress code they are simply unacceptable.

with what the gray color is combined

In everyday street fashion, space forexperiments is quite wide. In regions with a temperate continental climate, gray boots can be worn almost 9 months a year. Shoes gray looks stylish and appropriate in most situations: in the theater, traveling, on a date, shopping.

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