Modern low-heeled shoes -a real find for those who lead an active lifestyle and at the same time want to look stylish. Shoes with heels, no doubt, must be present in the wardrobe of every lady, just like a small black dress. However, if your work is related to the need to move around a lot throughout the day, it is better to leave heels above 5 cm for an evening out or for a leisurely romantic walk, since a high heel is not only unhealthy, but very hard to wear for a long time.

Scientists using mathematical modelingdetermined that the height of the heel significantly increases the load on the bone-ligament apparatus and causes arthrosis. In addition, high heels need to be able to walk beautifully. Agree that a fashionably dressed young lady, walking on his heels on the half-bent legs, does not look very impressive, to put it mildly.

spring shoes

Today, designers offer a fairly largechoice: high-heeled shoes and low-travel shoes, as well as ballet shoes that perfectly match everyday wear: skirts, dresses, suits, trousers, jeans, organically fitting and complementing the stylish image.

Lovers of ballet without a heel, too, ispay attention to the fact that wearing such shoes for a long time, just like a high heel, is not recommended, as this can lead to flat feet.


Shoes for business suit is better to choose a neutral color, medium height with a sharp toe, but not only elongated.

Trend of spring-summer shoes in 2013 - fluffyboats with a sharp nose of the brightest colors. How to combine? Harmoniously, such shoes will look with romantic dresses, light skirts, but most importantly - do not overdo it with accessories, so as not to look lascivious, because such shoes already in itself is an ornament and a bright spot in the image. Do not overload it with unnecessary details.

shoes shoes

When choosing shoes, note thatboat shoes in their classic design have a high pin, but this form of heel is not suitable for women with a wide ankle. A thin hairpin will only add massiveness to the leg, so, no matter how you want to stay on the classic, it is better to choose the shoes on the wedge, not on the usual, but on the decorated.

Spring shoes this year allows you to refusefrom minimalism, adhering to it only in a strict classical manner, in favor of shoes with complex geometry. Pay attention to shoes with triangular heels or in the form of statuettes, and a wide heel is best left for later. Choose shoes-boats of bright contrasting colors, skillfully combining them with clothes. The bag can be of a completely different color. The times when these things should coincide, long ago in the past, is worth experimenting with.

casual shoes

For the style of "kizhual" specialists offermigrated from the past year, pseudo-sports shoes on an average heel, which provides additional growth and at the same time convenience. These shoes are perfect for jeans and slim pants, shorts and some models of dresses.

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