With the accelerated pace of life, most girlsprefer comfortable and comfortable clothes. A sweatshirt is just the perfect combination of soft comfort and incredible practicality. Find out all about the fashionable sweatshirts from our article.

It's hard to believe, but this wardrobe itemowes its name to the Russian writer LN. Tolstoy. Although the clothes that the great prose writer preferred, little resembled modern sweaters. Tolstoy wore a kosovorotku, but in her likeness was created a sweatshirt - a straight long sweatshirt, designed to keep warm.

fashionable sweatshirts

Initially, the sweatshirts were worn exclusivelymen, but soon this practical little thing moved to the women's wardrobe. Today, the variety of models of such jackets is simply amazing, so you can choose an outfit for any occasion.

Fashionable sweatshirts are made from two basic materials - fleece and footer. The first version of the fabric is synthetic, but it keeps the heat perfectly. Futer is a fabric based on cotton.

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There is a myth that a sweatshirt is exclusivelypart of the sport image. It is customary to put it on the gym, jogging and cycling. However, enterprising young women have long been combining hoodies not only with the sports form. And designers do not waste time and create new models.

Consider that fashionable sweatshirts come in several types.

  • Sports sweatshirt. It is a jacket with a zipper, which often has a hood.
  • Hoodie is a long sweatshirt with a hood. She can have buttons or zippers, and can be worn over the head. Hoodies have gained popularity in America, and are now actively used by Russian women of fashion.
  • Svitshot - does not have lightning and other fasteners.
  • Hoodies-kangaroos, named after the marsupialanimal. And it's not accidental, because such a jacket necessarily has a large pocket in the abdomen. It is incredibly comfortable in cold weather, because you can warm your hands in a pocket. But to hide in it various little things girls are not recommended. Appearance it can seriously spoil.
    fashionable sweatshirt

Fashionable sweatshirts for girls are produced in allcolors and with all kinds of decor. However, you can choose a dark jacket with a restrained design, which will perfectly fit even into a business image. What is it common to wear hoodies?

sweatshirt for women

The most common option is a combination ofsweaters with jeans and sneakers. Shoes, by the way, can be any, for example, in such an image ballet shoes or sandals will perfectly fit. However, exquisite high-heeled boats will create a discord with the casual style.

Jeans can be replaced with leggings. Especially this option is suitable, if you decide to wear a hoodie. The legs are recommended to be worn in shoes with or without low heels, ankle boots or athletic shoes.

The last few seasons in the color trendJeans - this is also a great addition for the sweatshirt. However, please note that such sweaters are usually baggy in most cases, so it is better to combine them with tight trousers, so as not to make your figure absolutely shapeless.


Fashionable sweatshirts for fragile girls can beabsolutely any, but the beauty of non-model parameters is better to stop your choice on elongated sweatshirts. This model is able to hide the full hips and do not focus attention on non-ideal tummy. If your press is well hidden under the fat, then it's better not to wear kangaroo hoodies that will increase the stomach and waist.

Today, sweaters are popular, reminiscent of children's design. They can have a print with the image of a cartoon character, and the hood often has ears.

For young girls this is a very good option, but older women should choose more reserved models.

Also in the shops you can find hoodies withfur. You can put such a model under winter clothes in a cold frost, and replace it with a jacket in autumn weather. Choose what you like, and do not be afraid to experiment.

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