Choosing the right clothes is not so simple. Especially if you need to create an image of a business lady. To a woman to be successful (both at work and in her personal life), she should dress with taste, and also in accordance with the etiquette of business style. Therefore, the image of a business woman directly depends on how competently she is able to withstand a conservative style, while remaining stylish, extravagant and successful.

image of a business woman
The first opinion of a man, indeed, is -the main thing. And the way an office woman is dressed certainly attracts everyone's attention. The ability to dress properly helps under any circumstances. After all, in business it is unacceptable to attract attention to a deep decollete or a lot of jewelry. This is not a fashion show, but a serious work. Therefore, the clothes of a business woman should not stand out, be bright, inappropriate, distract the attention of a business partner, thereby lowering the rating of the businesswoman herself as a highly qualified employee, superior, etc. It is necessary to learn how to dress in such a way that the positive qualities of a person, and not only the dignity of a beautiful figure, are remembered to others. Calling clothes can negatively affect working relations with partners, and also permanently destroy the image of a business woman.

The delicacies of a business woman's wardrobe

Not every lady can boast a perfectly matched set of dresses in a business style. Often, a business woman's wardrobe full of costumes, strict and evening dresses, trousers and skirts. On how to choose the right wardrobe for a business woman, you can find out by reading the recommendations below.

business woman's wardrobe
So, the basic clothes of a business woman are strictcostume. There must be at least two of them in the wardrobe (at most four). Do not need anymore. You need to buy a black fitted or straight suit: a jacket with an English collar and a straight skirt, up to the middle of the knee or just below. This is a solemn version.

The second suit is a worker. It must be, like the first, monophonic. Etiquette of business style requires matching the wardrobe of employees with a certain color scheme. So, the costumes are allowed in gray, black, dark blue, beige colors (and their shades).

business woman clothes
The image of a business woman depends also on the costits decoration. A business lady is always a busy person: meetings, presentations, business trips and so on. She is sorely lacking time to take care of her clothes. Therefore, the fabric of the costumes must be non-fading, qualitative, not bringing discomfort. The conclusion in itself suggests: the suits of a successful lady should be expensive, discreet cut and color, not screaming.

Trouser suit is always welcome. Only trousers should not be too tight-fitting and not too wide. It is desirable that business suits with a skirt and trouser suit were close in color. Then you can successfully combine the bottom and top of the clothes.

Blouses, T-shirts, tops of soft, but refreshing, pastel tones are also present in the wardrobe of a business woman.

Shoes play almost the main role inthe formation of a wardrobe. It should be made of genuine leather, excellent look, well-groomed. These are shoes on a firm, low heel. They should not stand out with elaborate decor, bows, rhinestones. Color - classic black (for example, brown, beige).

Handbag is usually chosen for the color of shoes, and also take into account its practicality. Quality - first of all, it is not worth saving.

The image of a business woman will be completed by expensive, strict outerwear and an elegant headdress. Winter shoes (like demi-season shoes) should be comfortable, not trendy, made of genuine leather.

No excesses in make-up and hairstyle businessstyle does not recognize. Here everything is according to etiquette. But every business lady is first and foremost a woman. And to look well-groomed within the framework of business style is its duty.

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