Much depends on appearance. When you see a person for the first time, first of all pay attention to the style of clothing, grooming, the hairstyle of a new acquaintance. After all, as they say, they meet on clothes. Correctly chosen image is a golden key to success both in professional activity and in everyday life, therefore it needs to be given a lot of time. How to become successful and attractive? Let's think about this together.

image is

The image of a popular person is, first of all,turn, fashionable things. Learn about the current trends in clothing can be from various glossy magazines, as well as blogs of these style icons. And what is the image? Let us begin to improve our own appearance by defining this concept, which will allow us to understand the essence of the term. So, image is an opinion about a person, a company, an agency and so on, formed in the consciousness of the surrounding society through the knowledge of this subject by empirical methods (observation, analysis, and so on).

Incidentally, this notion includes not only the externalView, although it plays a very important role. You can leave a pleasant impression of yourself if you will be confident, listen carefully to the interlocutor, smile, make elegant compliments to your counterpart. All these details together constitute the image.

image creation
Yet many people believe that the image isfirst of all appearance. This term is inextricably linked with the concept of "style", if it is a question of a well-chosen clothing, make-up and hairstyle. So, things must be put on the spot. For example, certainly you should not come to the office in a mini-skirt, and in a nightclub - in pants-flares. Correctly chosen items of the wardrobe are a visual demonstration of good taste or its complete absence. A similar situation develops with shoes. There are things that can not be worn without shoes with heels: skirts just below the knee, short pants. But there are also those that do not combine with hairpins - sports suits, sweatshirts.

Creating an image is a very important occupation,which really should be worked. In society, you will be evaluated primarily on the "cover", so it must be flawless. If you can not create your own style, then you will need a specialist in this field - an image maker. The people of this profession have a subtle sense of taste, which will allow you to choose a fashionable wardrobe for you.

If you want to make a successful career, thenmake a favorable first impression on the potential leadership will help a good image. Beauty, both physical and spiritual, is what the big bosses expect. Therefore, you should shine with confidence, eloquence and profound knowledge in your profession.

image of beauty

So, image is not only external perfection,which consists of stylish and fashionable clothes, well combined with footwear, accessories and hairdo, but also the manner of communication, charm, intelligence and the ability to put any companion to you. If all this can be said about you, then you will certainly be a successful and sought-after specialist!

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