A deer is a tattoo that has a special meaning. In general, I must say, the symbols of these or those animals conceal a hidden meaning. And it always needs to be recognized before going to the tattoo parlor. After all, you can fill yourself with an image whose meaning does not coincide with the character of the person or in general will mean something not particularly decent or suitable for him.

deer tattoo

The History of Symbolism

So, what does deer mean? The tattoo depicting this animal came into our culture a very long time ago. Such pictures were drawn by people for a very long time. The reindeer has long been revered by the peoples of all countries. He was considered a handsome, courageous and strong animal. His images are often found in the myths and cultures of different peoples. A deer is a tattoo, which is traditionally considered a male image. But many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity decide to decorate themselves in this way. The only thing I want to note about this is that girls make a choice more often in favor of deer, rather than adult individuals. They look more cute, affectionate and charming. In general - the most suitable option for girls.

People's importance

Deer - a tattoo that has a very thoughtfulvalue. And it can not be ignored. Nobility, freedom, loneliness - that's what this symbol means. In addition, this animal is considered a symbol of travelers, as well as pilgrims.

But the peoples who lived in the northern part of Russia,believed that the deer - it is the embodiment of life energy and the fertility of the genus. The elegant horns of this animal were associated with the tree of life and the rays of the Sun. And the Eastern peoples compared the deer to the rising, the renewal of the human soul and the awakening. Very profound meaning.

 tattoo deer on hand

In other cultures

What does "deer" tattoo mean on one handpeople, other people can treat quite differently. Well, it's important to know about each meaning. In Chinese culture, for example, a deer is a symbol of success and unlimited wealth. The Japanese consider this animal to be the embodiment of the triumph of good over all evil. But a deer of white color is considered a symbol of longevity and wisdom.

The Indian people claimed that the deer is the embodiment of Life, that which symbolizes loneliness, courage, justice.

One of the strangest images can be consideredthe symbol of a deer wound with arrows. Many people do not know the true meaning of this image. However, such a tattoo "deer" (on the leg or chest, it is filled most often) is the embodiment of love, jealousy and passionate longing.

And the Christian religion does consider thisAn animal is the embodiment of God and his sign. In particular, if a cross is seen between its horns. Often the image of this animal can be seen on the baptismal font. Because a deer is a symbol of divine sublime reverence.

 tattoo deer on foot


Hands, legs, chest, back, wrists - where onlypeople do not decide to fill a tattoo. Everyone makes a choice in favor of one or another place according to their own prejudices. But most often a deer tattoo can be found either on the leg or on the chest (in the boys). Girls decide to decorate the shoulder blade or the lower back. Others decide not to beat the picture, but only the image, outlines (which also looks rather interesting) of the deer - and this looks profitable either on the back of the neck or on the wrist.

To date, there is a hugenumber of different sketches for tattoos. They are performed both in black and white, and in color. It can be watercolor style, or "Polynesia". Realism or abstraction. In fact, tattoo art today is so developed and multifaceted that the eyes range from a variety of options. But what image will be decided to fill depends only on the wishes of the person. If none of the existing options he did not like, you can always ask the master to make a sketch to order, expressing their own preferences.

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