Birthday is the most welcomea holiday for every little man. On this day, all children expect gifts, a festive table, a cheerful mood, and just real magic. Therefore, to make the child genuinely happy and feel himself the main thing at this holiday, you need to make every effort to hold it at the highest level.

Gifts for boys and girls - that's the mostan important aspect of the birthday, that is, their choice should be approached not just deliberately, but in an original and creative way. And if you pick up a pleasant surprise for girls is easy enough, then gifts for boys are not so easy to choose. In this article we will try to give you some advice and suggest what to give to the little men.

Choosing gifts for boys, you needbe guided, first of all, by the age of the child, as well as by his character and preferences. In any case, you can consult either with the parents of the baby, who will prompt you what he needs, or with sales consultants in the store, which will help you not get lost in the variety of toys and other children's joys.

Choosing gifts for boys, you need to understand,that they should not only be interesting, but also useful, and maybe even universal. Which boy will refuse, for example, a radio-controlled helicopter or a Lego designer for 500 parts?

However, still be guided when choosingThe optimal surprise is necessary for the age of the birthday man. What to present to modern boys, if they already have everything? This choice is rather painful, but it is quite solvable.

So, the most original gifts for boys:

  • Toys. This item is not for nothing written in the first place, because it is toys that are often given to various children for holidays. Boys can be given soft toys, although for small men they are not as relevant as for girls, cars (of all kinds and sizes), magnetic, wooden or plastic designers (universal gift for children of any age), pistols, sets for role-playing games (for example, a police kit, carpentry or a fire department).
  • Books. Boys can be given exciting books about dinosaurs and knights, pirates or young detectives, collections of gay rhymes, as well as universal encyclopedias. By the way, such gifts for boys on February 23 are also ideal. After all, how can you forget the old famous proverb that the book is the best gift? And even in our age of high technology and worldwide automation, it has not lost its value.
  • Creator's Kit. Not only girls like to sculpt or draw, but also boys. On sale there are many wonderful sets that will surely suit every tomboy. You can give clay, a set for drawing, a set for origami or creating plaster figurines, engravings, coloring books with stickers.
  • Sports Equipment. This category of gifts will be of interest to both the young and the adolescents. Boys at all times interested in sports, so gifts for outdoor activities will be just the way. You can give a bicycle, rollers, skate, scooter, ball, boxing pear, as well as "equipment" for playing at home or on the street. Very small children will also like children's motorcycles and cars, but their price is almost the same as for adult transport, that is, not everyone can afford such gifts for boys.
  • Computer games. They will appeal to all boys aged 7 years and over.
  • Equipment. A camera, a laptop, a phone or any other expensive gift can not help but like it. However, such a gift should be given only after preliminary coordination with the parents of the birthday person.

Choosing a gift for a boy, the main thing is to follow such a rule: it's better not to be expensive, but with a soul. Do not forget about this, and then it is your gift that will be remembered by the culprit of the celebration for a long time!

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