Tattoos are becoming more and more intertwined in our lives: if before they carried a certain semantic load and necessarily indicated something important (belonging to a particular cult or tribe, status, etc.), today they are increasingly perceived as an ornament of their own body. However, those people for whom a tattoo really means something more,

than just a drawing on the skin, are serious about choosing a sketch.

Popular Tattoos

The place of tattooing everyone chooses himself, andwhether it is an open part of the body or a zone hidden under clothing, depends solely on your desire. As for the actual sketch, then there is also complete freedom of choice. Recently, tattoos of owls, swallows, pigeons, tigers, old-school style drawings, as well as new school and biomechanics have been very popular. In addition to specific images, there are often symbols, runes and hieroglyphs that carry certain information. As for the color scheme, tattoos - owls or cats, flowers or skulls - can be both monochrome and color.

Values ​​of tattoo

tattoos of an owl
If you relate yourself to that category of people,who choose a sketch not only for beauty, but for the meaning, then you must certainly be interested in the meaning of each symbol or image that you want to put on your skin. Such popular tattoos of an owl can be treated differently, but first of all the tattoo as a symbol will bear such a semantic load, which is put into it by the carrier. Owls are considered a sign of wisdom and discretion, but at the same time the leaders of the ancient tribes regarded it as a symbol of power and strength, superiority over others - therefore people who wear the image of this night bird on the skin were respected and feared. The tattoos of owls also have the opposite meaning: in the culture of Ancient Egypt, India, China, North America, this bird is considered a messenger of a near death, a mediator between the world of the living and the dead, a symbol of evil spirits and witchcraft. Therefore, having decided to put an image of an owl on the body, think about what it is specifically for you and whether you want to wear this mark on yourself.

Image techniques

Tattoos can be stuffed differently. What kind of owl would you like to see on your body? It can be a beautiful realistic drawing in black and gray or a schematically depicted bird. Or an owl,

tattoos owl
made in the style of new school: bright, flashy colors, some symbolism and schematic, maybe even cartoonishness. Show a little imagination - think over a more original sketch of a tattoo: an owl in the style of hi-tech (biomechanics or cyber punk) will look very impressive and unusual.

Not stopping at the small ...

If you want to fill not just a singleimage, and the whole drawing consisting of set of elements, each of which is not only the carrier of the certain information and value, but, at the same time, an integral part of a composition, you should think over each detail of the sketch. Create a whole composition that reflects your worldview - and then the tattoo will mean a lot to you. It can be both an abstraction, and something quite concrete; no less entertaining option - to make a mixed picture, a kind of eclecticism from styles and vital positions.

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