the value of a snake tattoo
Tattoos depicting a snake can beambiguous and even opposite. For example, they mean life or death. To draw a picture that tells exactly what you want to say, you need to choose the right posture of the snake, the background, the movement, the place of application, etc. By the way, all cultures also interpret the meaning of the tattoo "snake" differently. The drawing on your body of such a drawing must be carefully considered and considered from all sides. A tattoo is a representation of a person's character.

A snake is a symbolism, simultaneously denotingdeath and life, wisdom and knowledge, insidiousness, etc. A reptile that wraps a cup or is woven with another like it is a symbol of medicine. Their relationship comes from Greek myths that tell us that the god of healing Asclepius noticed how one snake treated herbs with another. This reptile has become a symbol of medicine due to the healing properties of its own poison.

The meaning of a "snake" tattoo is one if it is worna woman, and if a man - it takes a completely different meaning. For the female, the strongest sign is the reptile, which wraps around the waist, arm or neck. Since ancient times, it is believed that the snake is a symbol of fertility.

tattoos with snakes

In the criminal world, there areabout this drawing on the body. So, the tattoo of the "snake" value on the zone is symbolic in most thieves in the law. It means wisdom. And if a reptile is depicted in a crown with several signs of the Zodiac - this is the symbol of the beginning and the end. Many zeks made such a tattoo, which helped them to spend time in prison. A snake among criminals means revenge. If the body depicts the Criminal Code, stabbed with a dagger or a knife that wraps around a reptilian, revenge prosecutors.

Tattoos with snakes that intertwine betweencan symbolize a strong marriage. Cobra tattoos are power and power. The image of this reptile on the human body is a very multi-valued symbol, not everyone can wear it. Such a tattoo is only for strong people in all respects.

tattoo snake value on the zone

The image of a snake may be accompanied by somea snake and an eagle, a reptile and a dragon, a snake in the clouds, cobra in the desert, a reptile at the knot, an evil cobra with flowers, a barbed wire with snakes, cobra on the skull, a snake eye, a tree with a reptile and much more. Anything an artist can depict with the help of a rich imagination and skill.

The meaning of the tattoo "snake", which is killeddagger, can be treated as courage or hatred of lies. Very often women on their bodies make such drawings just as symbols of sexuality, temptation and cunning. Indeed, such tattoos can successfully emphasize the smooth curves of the female body.

You need to choose the right value of the tattoo "snake", because it will accompany you all your life, and you can not take it off and change it like clothes!

This is a negative and positive symbol in one and the othersame time. This is a reflection of a person who has decided to open up and show himself, his character, the inner world, temperament in the form of a symbolic image on any part of the body.

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