Not many domestic designers succeededto conquer the European podium, and even more so to shine on it in his 22 years. And Alexandra Kazakova did it all. Now among her admirers are not only women of fashion and fashion, but also stars of Russian show business. What is the secret of the designer's success?


Muscovite Alexandra Alexandrovna Kazakovawas born in the capital on May 27, 1990. The girl's artistic talent manifested itself at an early age, because she began to draw even earlier than to speak. At the age of 14 she graduated from the secondary school of general education. Then she entered the Moscow State Textile University named after A. N. Kosygin, becoming the youngest student of the course.

Alexandra Cossack

Alexandra Kazakova actively studiesparticipated in the annual display of the university, already then proved to be a promising designer. In 2009, she creates her graduation thesis, and at the age of 19 she graduated with honors from the university.

To date, the designer lives and works in theMoscow. She promotes her own clothes, cooperating in this with European countries, and takes part in various social projects.

Women's elite clothes

Showing the first collection of a young designerwas held in November 2010 in Cyprus. Then the demanding and spoiled public were presented with stunning female models of clothes. Later, in 2011, the same collection of Alexander Kazakov showed at the annual Fashion Week in Moscow. Women's clothing was presented in black and gray colors and skillfully combined a classic style and modern fashion trends.

Next stylish and colorful collection"Spring-summer-2012" only ensured the designer's stunning success. Models of clothes on the podium along with professional models were presented by the stars of Russian show business - members of the group "Brilliant".

Showing the next collection of women's clothingwas held in the fall of 2012, at the Fashion Week in Moscow. On the court of spectators strict, but at the same time dynamic models were presented. And again success, and again in the show are famous people of the capital, they are also fans of the designer.

elite clothes

On the spring-summer collection of 2013 wasthe debut series of men's clothing is presented. And in the autumn of the same year, at the Moscow Fashion Week, everyone was convinced that Alexandra Kazakova was a designer with a delicate taste, skillfully combining different fabrics and cuts. Silk, chiffon, cotton and linen in some models were painted by hand, which emphasized the individuality and style in clothes, and also gave an expensive gloss.

The collection "Spring-summer-2014" included a female andmen's elite clothing of strict classical cut. Colors, traditional for Alexandra: black, white, gray, blue. Completely restrained dresses are interesting ornaments: a cage and a rhombus.

Collection of clothes for men

At the show of his next collection"Spring-Summer-2013" Alexandra Kazakova decided to surprise her fans by introducing the men's clothing line. For this, the designer chose two styles at once: sporty and classical in modern interpretation. The debut collection of men's clothing received the same success as the women's.

Alexandra Cossack designer

When creating the following models of AlexanderKazakova adhered to the chosen directions. Thanks to her, stylish and modern classical suits appeared, which the youth of the capital are happy to wear.

Alexandra Kazakova: the secret of success

Many are surprised how a twenty-year-old girl could become so successful in such a short time. In the case of Alexandra Kazakova, three components of success can be singled out.

First, the sense of purpose. A girl from childhood aspired to such a life, and already at 14 years carefree school in the school exchanged for training in a serious university.

Secondly, diligence. All the designer's collections are a huge work. She does not get tired of experimenting with textures and cuts, uses manual labor to create models, which makes her collections not similar one to another.

Third, great talent and an innate sense of style. Collections of Alexandra are distinguished by observance of clear lines, proportions, special expressiveness.

Russian fashion

In 2010, the Russian fashion has acquired a newdesigner. Talent girls appreciated not only domestic couturier, but also pop stars. Fans of Alexandra Kazakova to this day are members of the bands "Brilliant" and "Fabrika", Kathy Topuria, Lera Kudryavtseva, Tatyana Kotova and others.

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