The tattoos on the back in the form of wings are very popular. One of their main features is that, depending on the size, shape and color, they can be made completely different. Tattoos - wings on the back look great both on men and women. Girls often choose the wings of an angel - a symbol of beauty, light, goodness and femininity. Men prefer the demon wings: red-black or any other colors. They give brutality to their image. In any case, this tattoo will look very impressive. Each such drawing has its own meaning. Their common meaning is the desire for height, speed, freedom.

tattoo wings on back
Tattoos in the form of angel wings meanprotection, spirituality or inspiration. The bearer of a demon-shaped tattoo is more likely to have a restless, explosive, rebellious character, and wants to emphasize this.

Depending on the desires of the tattooed, the mastercan make the image of different size and shape. It can be small tattoos on the shoulder blades or two huge wings on the whole back. The color scheme can also be completely different. There are different types of stencils, according to which such a tattoo is made - the wings on the back. Photos of several varieties of such tattoos you can see in this article. Before you fill your wings, carefully consider their shape, size and color.

tattoo wings on the back photo
Remember: this drawing will be very difficult to deduce. Also, such procedures are always very painful. Therefore, choose a tattoo (wings on your back, as an option) in perfect accordance with your character and inner world. Remember that any tattoo will look really nice only in case it really suits its master. By the way, wings can be depicted not only in the form of a tattoo on the back. Wings are often placed on the abdomen, hands or neck. Depending on the location, the value also changes. Therefore, you need to read about the meaning of tattoos in the place you chose.

The "wings on the back" tattoo is especially popular with young people. They are looking for in such drawings one more, special, way of expression, and in this they are helped by a tattoo.

tattoo on the back wings

The wings on the back are made in the same way as ordinary wingstattoos. Only thanks to its large size - longer. This is so: the needle of the tattoo machine, piercing the skin, brings the ink into the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). The pattern is applied to the previously selected template. The procedure is rather painful, but the beautiful tattoo - the wings on the back, it's worth it. After that, the skin in the place where the tattoo was applied and around this place is treated with a special antimicrobial agent. Then the punctures caused by the needle heal, and the ink remains under the skin, and the tattoo is obtained.

Wings on the back - this is also a symbol of faith in magic,which is often characteristic of creative people. You can depict, for example, the wings of elves, dragons or other mythical creatures that you like. Despite the fact that the individual tattoo has its own meaning, each person will see this very meaning in completely different ways. Therefore, the main thing is that your drawing is liked by you, regardless of other people's opinions!

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