Even with the onset of the cold season, eachthe girl wants to remain feminine and attractive. That's why leading designers of the world are working on clothes that will warm in the cold and help to remain stylish and attractive. Let's see what fashion trends will be relevant in the new season, and which dress for autumn is better to choose.

Autumn dresses

Trends of the season-2013

The new season did not bring the expected radicalchanges. This year in the trend remain architectural dresses, chiffon, pastel colors. Are actual asymmetry, minimalism, multilayeredness and original volumes. In vogue, the retro style comes back in a slightly different interpretation.


This trend remains popular alreadyseveral seasons in a row. In the new year, autumn dresses of geometric shapes will not lose their relevance. The world's most famous designers continued this theme in their newest collections. Again in fashion rounded shoulders, drape in the style of origami, classic collar-racks, black stylish silhouettes.

Autumn dresses photo


Black color, a few passed its position in thelast season, in the fall of 2013, once again gaining momentum. Black autumn dresses, photos of which are full of the most fashionable magazines, will become ultra-popular. The shades of gray, white, beige, orange, blue and turquoise will remain relevant. In the fashion floral and geometric print.


Do not lose their relevance asymmetricThe models that migrated to the new season from last fall. Original autumn dresses with freakish flounces, bold turns of collars, magnificent forms and strict silhouettes will please the modern girl. Popular catchy details are in the form of fur, feathers, crystals, ethnic ornament. The most original trend is a black dress, styled under the priest's robe. Look beautiful dresses of chiffon with the original multi-layer frills. In the fashion dresses asymmetrical style with an open shoulder, a variety of cutouts and original details. Exceptionally elegant asymmetric images in the style of minimalism.

dress for autumn

Style nude, burst into fashion back in 2011,today does not lose its relevance. In fashion, two-layer dresses from impeccable satin and light chiffon. Such models look very appetizing and tempting, riveting the views of others.

Fashionable autumn dresses in the style of nude are complemented by extravagant guipure inserts, prints with silver and gold, airy frills and deep cutouts.


The topic of the military, especially relevant in the previousseason, today ceases to be intrusive, but it does not intend to give up its position either. In the trend - dresses of large mating, as well as of coarse cloth and angora. The most popular silhouette is a dress in retro style in combination with a leather strap and bag "bag". Careless curls and red lipstick will turn you into a fatal woman.

In general, autumn dresses-2013 will please and inspireany fashionista to create an exciting and unique image. It is easy to find your individual style by choosing an original accessory in the form of a fashionable handbag, an elegant strap or favorite shoes.

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