Tattoos "panther" - this is one of the most ancientdrawings on the body. Such a chic, majestic, noble animal just could not remain unnoticed. It attracts people with flexibility, grace, charming beauty. It was made by the Indians to distinguish those whose position is higher.

Panther Tattoos

It so happened that in the Russian language the wordpanther - a feminine gender, that's why they make such a tattoo first of all for girls. In addition, from the very childhood, we are grafted with a stereotype drawn from the "Jungle Book", in which the panther Bagheera refers to the beautiful half of humanity.

The meaning of the tattoo "panther"

Throughout the world, this image is associatedexclusively with the female principle, because these animals are distinguished by their elegance, flexibility, orderliness, gracefulness. Such tattoos are usually made by strong, confident women.

These images emphasize sexuality andsymbolize the call. Also panthers have an increased maternal instinct, so these tattoos can mean custody of the family, tenderness, love for loved ones - strong, blind and boundless.

The various images of this majestic,The elegant animal can be filled with different meanings. For example, the image of a tattoo "panther" during a graceful jump or with a wide open mouth means aggression, force, even, probably, somewhat fierce power and masculinity. Slowly stalking animal is associated with fragility and transience of life. It reminds us that it can be interrupted by anything, any accident, for example, the death throw of a panther. The value of the image also depends very strongly on the color of the animal. For example, a black panther symbolizes loneliness, the moon and the starry sky, and the yellow (this jaguar) - joy, light and sun. You can also find another meaning of the tattoo "panther", in this case it is associated with endurance, speed, and sometimes ferocity, ruthlessness. Such tattoos can approach people strong, with iron hardening, aggressive, their character must be quite tough, liberated, they always know what they want.

A few more options

black panther tattoo

This animal has been sacred from ancient timesmany peoples. Panther is considered one of the most graceful animals that attracts other individuals. She was worshiped as a defender of people from evil dragons.

It was believed that she was the only one who was not afraid of them. The panther revered the ancient Maya - both black and yellow, for them these animals were the wisest of all. It was believed that these beautiful cats are excellent strategists.

Black Panther

tattoo panther Photo

Some fanatical Christians believe thatThe tattoo "black panther" symbolizes resurrection. And in Ancient Greece, she was a constant companion of Dionysus - the god of wine, and therefore associated only with debauchery and drunken orgies. The Chinese were afraid of it, considering it excessively wild and aggressive.

That is why the image of the animal subsequently acquired so many meanings, sometimes even too contradictory.

Some say that this is a sign of aggression,selfishness, pride, blind fury, ruthlessness and cruelty. Others consider the value of the picture more than positive, symbolizing the focus on result, grace, strength, iron will, courage, looseness, and sometimes even magical abilities.

A small conclusion

Wrist, shoulder, shoulder blade, side, leg - it's not yetall the places where they make panther tattoos. Photos with examples you can find in any directory. Each tattoo parlor will offer you not one version of the image of this wild cat and those places where it will look best.

If you choose tattoo "panther" for yourself, then you are a strong personality and know what you want in life.

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