His strength is in the ability to attract and retain attentiontarget audience. His life motto is encrypted in the company's advertising slogan. His goal - to fall in love with the consumer in the brand, in order to subsequently provide him with quality service. He always has a plan ...

This is how a short characteristic soundsthe main qualities of the brand ambassador (the literal translation of this phrase sounds like "brand ambassador"). By the way, for most of the regular customers of respectable companies, the brand ambassador, more precisely, his manner of holding, talking and even his style of clothing is almost always identified with the product (service) that he promotes on the world market.

Terms of reference for the Brand Ambassador

Taking advantage of advice of the Ambassador, the clientcan quickly find the desired product, learn how to properly use it, share the joy of a profitable investment with its closest environment and, consequently, increase the company's revenue.

If the company is little known and requires promotion,the task of the "ambassador" is to ensure the representation of the brand through conducting public opinion polls. This way of creating and maintaining the image is very popular in Western countries, where a positive assessment of target consumers is the main sign of a quality product.

brand ambassador

Professional brand ambassador - skilleda speaker and a charismatic marketer whose salary (and sometimes it reaches 100,000 rubles a month or more) directly depends on his ability in almost any situation to find the right time for uttering the very words that will still sound in your ears, and then fly off from the lips of his clients and followers. But the brand's ambassador to be proud of himself, something else is necessary: ​​this memorable short speech should be crowned with a mutually beneficial deal.

Artistry is another important feature that shouldpossess a successful brand ambassador. True, the availability of acting talent is not the key to success. Successfully built marketing model, for example, has nothing to do with art - it is rather an applied discipline, half of which consists of accurate calculations, half - of time-tested and tested in practice techniques.

marketing model

A marketing model can be borrowed

A marketing model can be an embodied ideaas the ambassador himself, and any other employee of the company. There are also cases when a "marketing bomb", borrowed from another's business, brought success to a few more companies.

The most famous in the post-Soviet territorymarketing model is a phenomenon conditionally called "word of mouth". The essence of this effective advertising gimmick is the following: when the customer is satisfied, he voluntarily advertises the product (service) he likes, subconsciously instilling love for the brand to his close ones and friends.

alcohol companies

Alcohol companies: the basics of marketing

As an example of effective marketingstrategies can use a case from life. When the ship was just approaching the Russian shores with the first shipment of champagne, a "secret" rumor about the smuggling of an exclusive drink was already on the beach. Needless to say, as soon as the "underground" managed to moor to the shore, how was the entire batch of the drink sold out?

Modern solid alcoholic companies, havingthe product range, which in many respects exceeds the nomenclature of the resourceful ambassador of the pioneer, has the opportunity to cover a much larger territory with advertising propaganda in the places where the target buyer lives. But even well-advertised brands do not neglect the potential that spontaneous advertising gives. The main condition - for advertising information of any level should be a wise coordinator.

A true brand ambassador - always in the know

For the CIS countries, an experienced brand ambassador is a phenomenonrare. A person who has chosen this profession should not only test all the company's products, but also be able to interest the target audience with the information they extract. For this, he organizes public presentations, tastings and seminars, attends social events and advises potential consumers on all matters relating to the products he promotes on the market.

marketer's salary

Career of the Ambassador

A novice marketer whose salary does not match his ambitions, for sure dreams of an ambassador career. To make this profession a part of his life, he has to work hard:

  • to study all components of the promoted product;
  • be able to correctly characterize the goods and services of your company;
  • know how to help the customer make a choice between two similar products;
  • To have the ability to engage the client with stories about the history of the brand;
  • know how to give the potential consumer the opportunity to fall in love with the products of his beloved company;
  • to have at least superficial knowledge concerning the exact sciences (chemistry, mathematics, and so on), so that if necessary, it is easy to tell the client about the advantages of his product.
    brand representation

Devotion to the brand is the basis of marketing ethics

Some young Internet entrepreneurs,perhaps they will be surprised to learn that their more successful and famous colleagues are much more concerned about the worthy representation of the brand in the world market than the amount of the check. Often, by promoting several trademarks (it is possible for the World Wide Web to do this), the beginning "ambassadors" are rather invisibly present than are identified ...

This is not surprising, because the very phrase"Brand ambassador" causes uninitiated a whole bunch of conflicting emotions. By the way, about emotions. Fruitful work with the consumer begins where the excitement reigns, the sales representative's eyes glow with sincerity, and every word he utters is dictated by the desire to help the client.

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