The concept of integrated marketingcommunications is becoming more popular. It includes both traditional advertising campaign - ATL-advertising, and BTL-communications and public relations. If with classical advertising everything is clear, then BTL is what?


The terms ATL and BTL appeared around the middle20th century. Many, probably, heard a story about the head who, when signing the advertising budget, included the cost of distributing free samples of products and recorded them with his own hand under the line of basic expenses. According to this legend, a division into "above the line" and "below the line" arose. Costs for ATL include costs related to the placement of advertising information in the media. This is television, radio, outdoor advertising, printed publications. BTL also includes all kinds of ways to stimulate sales. Expenses for this direction are calculated from the total budget for marketing communications. However, there is a tendency to redistribute the BTL budget from the residual to the basic category.


BTL is that? English term describing marketing communications, depending on the principle of forming the target audience. The literal translation of "below the line" means "under the bar". It is a delicate marketing tool that includes sales promotion, placement of POS materials, merchandising, direct mailing, incentive actions for buyers and employees of the trading chain. It is believed that BTL-advertising is more targeted and allows you to deliver a call for purchase or any other advertising message directly to the final individual consumer. Usually, the call is extremely individual, and BTL works, as a rule, directly at the place of sale or the decision-making zone about the purchase.

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BTL in Russia

The effectiveness of traditional advertising in the mediagradually decreases, which leads to an increase in the activity of BTL-events, improving the quality of this industry and increasing the budget for conducting promotional events. ATL- and BTL-advertising compete with each other for the client's budget. Many Russian companies prefer to cooperate with network agencies, to create projects jointly. Because keeping an entire department in the state is expensive and inappropriate. And some do not even know what the BTL project is from within and in general BTL is what? Corporate standards dictate requirements to agencies, including those concerning the uniqueness of implemented promotional events.

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Reasons for the popularity of BTL

Consumers are becoming more demanding andthey need to independently understand the proposed products, receive more useful information about them, and in some cases, try the proposed product. All this is offered by well-organized BTL events. BTL advertising is created directly for the target audience and is aimed at the end user of the promoted products. Obviously, the potential return from it will be significantly higher than from classical advertising in the media, where the advertising message is received by everyone, regardless of whether a person needs this product or not.

BTL campaigns

The advertising BTL-agency uses the followingtools for impact on each specific customer: sales promotion, personal communications, public relations, merchandising, use of POS materials, event marketing.

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For the end user, the BTL manager canto offer such ways of stimulation as tastings, actions on delivery of gifts for purchase, win-win lotteries, distribution of samplers (sampling), distribution of POS-materials. Merchandising is used to encourage sellers, directors of retail stores and distributors. It is a presentation of goods in storefronts and counters and tracking the availability of goods at points of sale. Also, conferences, seminars, competitions, lotteries are organized.

Special event events includeexhibitions, festivals, concerts to promote the product, brand or brand among consumers. Activities to increase the loyalty of partners and to inform about the activities of the company. These are press conferences, seminars, exhibitions. Also, special events include programs to strengthen the corporate culture within the company between employees. This joint celebration of the holidays, popular today team-building. Market research consists in conducting a comparative analysis of market participants, the need to determine the volume, market share. Revealing of tendencies of development of the market.

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BTL-projects, as a rule, include workpromoter, supervisor and project manager or coordinator. It is the promoter that will be the most important link in this chain. The success of the entire event depends on how well people who directly contact the end user perform their work qualitatively, to which the action is directed. Therefore, the selection and training of personnel BTL-agency should be given great attention.

Responsibility of supervisor

As part of the project, promoters are subject tosupervisor. He controls their work in the outlet at the time of the promotion. Since the supervisor is also involved in the organization of the workplace of subordinates, he is also responsible for the quality of their work. Supervisor is important to be able to quickly navigate in a difficult situation and quickly resolve conflicts

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Duties of the coordinator

The project manager, or coordinator, contactsmanagers of retail stores, where promotional events will take place. Responsible for the delivery of promotional stands, promotional materials, the required quantity of the advertised product, its samples. In addition, the coordinator monitors the completion of the reporting of the event. In general, the manager's task is to ensure the planned course of the promotional event.

What else is BTL

BTL-marketing, in addition to the classical components,includes also some border instruments. Event marketing is usually referred to as PR events, rather than to BTL, although during such projects, promotions are conducted to assess the reaction of potential buyers to the advertised product. The second tool is the Internet, SMS and mailing lists. Their goal is to reach the target audience as much as possible. But in this case there is direct contact with the potential consumer.

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If we talk about the influence of POS-materials, in thisThe impact will occur only at the time of making a purchasing decision solely at points of sale. With the help of shelftokers, wobblers, bright price tags, promo stands, there is an establishment of visual contact with customers, attracting their attention, which further promotes sales growth due to impulse purchases.

Development trends

ATL- and BTL-advertising with time is undergoingsome changes. In economic crises BTL suffers less than the traditional advertising market. It is connected with the fact that BTL allows to ensure maximum sales with a minimum of costs. There is also a tendency to increase individualization of work with clients. The emphasis is not so much on the product itself, as on the needs of customers and demonstrating care for the consumer.

As a rule, customers of BTL-shares aretobacco companies, FMCG, manufacturers of machinery, alcohol products, cellular operators, pharmaceutical companies. They do not need to explain, BTL is what? With targeted offers and promo-events, these companies are familiar not by hearsay.

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A successful promotion will not only fulfillits main function, for example, increasing the volume of sales for the period of the action by 30%, but will also provide a number of other advantages. Since during the action the contact directly with the end buyer is going on, the promoter can create a positive image of the company in the eyes of the consumer, stimulate additional purchase, raise brand recognition.

Successful implementation of the action precedespainstaking analytical preparation. To begin with, you need to choose the right type of event. Having collected the necessary information base, it will be easier to determine the BTL tools. After gathering the information, the goals are set and the accents of the future project are placed. Further, the estimate is approved and a detailed plan of the forthcoming event is drawn up. The plan reflects the precise terms of the project. The right timing of the action will be one of the factors of success. And the professionalism of the staff will make it possible to realize the promo campaign successfully and achieve the desired results.

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