In the service sector, there are many vacancies,associated with the so-called "nonspecialized" work. It is, mainly, in the performance of certain actions by a person who has no experience of work and education in this field. The most vivid example of such vacancies can be the position of a sorter in the trading floor of a supermarket or cashier.

Nevertheless, such vacancies for someone canbecome a real lifebuoy. After supermarkets and simple stores we have a lot, each of them requires a large number of jobs that can allow a person who gets on him, to ensure their lives in difficult periods, while looking for a job in the specialty.

Working in trading halls

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You might think: how many people can take, say, one supermarket? After all, we are talking only about a few employees of the hall, cleaners, guards and cashiers ... Nothing of the kind!

The largest amount of work is done by merchandisers -people responsible for placing goods on the shelves in the right form and for placing prices under each of them. Only at first glance it may seem that this is a simple and small-volume work, for the reason that we visit the trading hall when everything is ready there. If we talk about the fact that each of several thousand items of goods placed on shelves need to be checked, refilled and accurately repaired - then the obvious is the huge amount of work lying on the shoulders of workers.

That is why the store has two ways: or hire your own team of people who will do this and train them; or "rent" staff from third-party outsourcing companies that provide already trained people who know how to accomplish the task faster. Given the costs that the supermarket carries in both cases, most often companies choose the second way.

We'll discuss this in more detail in the next paragraph.

Companies searching for personnel

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Benefit from assistance with those companies that,roughly speaking, renting out staff, manifests itself in several aspects. First, as already noted, this is the cost of services. To keep staff of workers of a supermarket will manage more expensively, than to order ready services at the special agencies co-operating with a plenty of workers. Secondly, it is more convenient to take such services periodically, based on the temporary nature of work in this area. After all, as is known, students or schoolchildren are engaged in such activities, as well as people who temporarily lost their jobs. This means that such a person will work for several months (at best), after which it will be necessary to look for a replacement. And this is an additional fee for tuition and selection.

Finally, thirdly, recruitment companies perform their target functions more qualitatively than a supermarket can do. This concerns, for example, the issue of labor control.

In view of the foregoing, it is not surprising thattoday, retailers often resort to the services of third-party companies working with people. And just one of these is the object of our article - a company called "Leader Tim". Employees' comments on the work in it we will give to get acquainted to understand how everything is arranged "from within".

LeaderTeam - one of the leaders of the segment

Leader Team employee feedback
To begin with, this company is reallythere is something to "boast". According to the information posted on the official website, almost 20 thousand people work here. Their work is supervised by about 50 offices throughout the country, located in different cities. The company is working on a large number of projects - about 1.5 thousand; at the same time, the general experience of "Leader Tim" activity (which we refer to here) is 10 years.

If we describe it in brief, the company simplytakes the hassle of hiring, training and work of employees in the retail sphere on themselves. Even the slogan placed in the "cap" of their site corresponds to this: "Your concerns are ours". Thus, by cooperating with Leader Team (employee feedback confirms this), supermarkets make life easier for themselves.

About what exactly the company does and who can be recruited here - in the next paragraph.

Where can they arrange for work?

Of course, you can find a job with this agency (if you call it that), you can go to supermarkets. The question is only in what position and with what labor duties.

If you read the reviews about the Leader Team, you canfind information that almost always a company can find a job for anyone. That is, it means that open vacancies are available here at any time, the main thing is to have the desire to work and submit your resume on the appropriate contacts. There, in turn, you will be identified for the work that you are suitable for. Decide whether you want to work in this position or not, in the end you.

Leader Team staff reviews

Directions for vacancies open for hire, hereseveral. This: work in the trading floor, at the cash register, in the warehouse, as well as participation in the teams of specialists facing specific special tasks. It is not difficult to guess why, given the large number of supermarket partners, the company always has open vacancies for a mixed work that does not require qualification.

How to get a job?

However, reviews about the marketing agencyLeader Team testify that it's not so easy to get settled here. Here they do not take a person without preliminary verification - otherwise it would threaten serious reputational risks for the company itself. After all, all work here is connected with the care, responsibility and honesty of the applicant - therefore the company can not hire "people from the street".

In this regard, in the Leader Team (employee feedbackthis is confirmed) are conducting tests of candidates on the lie detector. Obviously, this is done in order to weed out dishonest employees of the warehouse, for example. This is a direct task of the marketing agency, after all, according to the terms of the contract with the supermarket, it is precisely it that is responsible for the illegal actions of the employee.

Working conditions

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Analyzing both official information from the sitecompanies, and regarding employee feedback - Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other city - we can say that there are a huge number of sets of conditions that vary depending on the region where the office is located; and from the post itself. It is known that for the most part the agency pays a "white" salary of about 25 thousand rubles on the most ordinary vacancies such as a cashier. The higher the position in the hierarchy, the higher the employee's income level, respectively.

True, one of the Moscow offices of the companyLeader Team Personnel, employee feedback contained information on the "gray" wages. It is not known, it is a question of one particular department or a mass phenomenon in the whole group. Several users noted that they were paid 7-12 thousand rubles officially, after which "top" was paid an additional 15-20 thousand "in the envelope." Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish how often such a phenomenon occurs.

Benefits of employment

In general, with respect to benefits, you can calltheir whole series. In "Leader Tim" (Russia) reviews of employees of the company to the obvious "pluses" of work include stability, relative availability of vacancies, in certain cases - interesting work related to logistics processes. Such work can really serve as a good start to a career, for example, for a student: teach him how to communicate with people, solve certain difficulties, and gain some work skills.

Another plus of the work here is the possibility"Social elevator", and, more simply, in the prospects that hides work in such a large and old company. Starting to work as a loader, you can expect some increase after a while. Of course, it is not excluded the option of leaving this position and moving to, say, the retail sphere on a regular basis - in the staff of some supermarket.

«Leader Tim» Russia

Disadvantages of work

Once there are positive qualities, it is imperativewill be negative. Them, judging by the fact that employees write about the work in Leader Team, several, but they are related to the team, the form of employment and, of course, the working conditions. So to speak, there are three "risky" zones, with which you may not be lucky.

First, here, as elsewhere, you canrun into unpleasant people in their environment, work with which will not work. This is an ordinary situation, however, it will be easier to solve it in this company - you can simply move to another position, ask the authorities to transfer you to another department and so on.

Secondly, you have a risk of "getting" on the "gray"salary. Yes, in that case, you will be paid a little more, but if you want to earn a higher pension in the future - we recommend to abandon this form of employment.

Thirdly, of course, you can get toworkplace with difficult working conditions. For example, there are several reviews that people had to work as a cashier, for the reason that such is the policy of the supermarket. To some, such a restriction will seem too painful.

Reviews of applicants

Despite the above-mentioned disadvantages, about the companyLeader Team reviews of employees in general can be called acceptable. Yes, someone does not like the boss, someone - the girls from the department of accounting, not wishing to pay wages on time; for someone, the work of a merchandiser seems like an infernal test. Nevertheless, now the company employs about 20 thousand employees, most of whom, for sure, are happy and satisfied with their work.

Tips and Tricks

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So, if you feel that you would like towork in the retail industry (even temporarily) - boldly get yourself in the Leader Team. Staff feedback (SPB, MSK, Saratov and any other city where there are company offices) testify, in general, about quite good working conditions. Plus, this is a great opportunity to prove yourself and build a career in the retail industry.

However, if you understand that this work is not for youto your liking - you can either try to transfer, or go to another company. For example - for a permanent job in another supermarket. In the end, you will have experience for this.

I wish you success!

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