Life situations are different. In our time, when there is not enough money to make settlements, the loan agreement between individuals proves its indispensability. Developing your own business, increasing education, improving your life status - you can list many situations when money is urgently needed. Throughout life, people provide mutual assistance to each other in solving many issues for various reasons. Most often, the matter is in close or kinship relations. For example, neighborly, as a fellow countryman, best friend, etc. When assistance is expressed in terms of money, it is desirable to include a loan agreement between individuals in this process. This in the future can remove many problems and tension in the relationship. What are the individual moments of the loan agreement between individuals, how to more accurately formalize the contract of sale of the car to an individual - these issues will be covered below.

The law of Russia spelled out the rules and regulationsconcluding these agreements. Under certain circumstances, it is necessary to make a money loan, and you agreed on it with another individual, according to the rules the contract is valid only when the borrower received the money in his hands. In addition to money can do things. In this regard, there are a number of reservations in the rules. For example, one should not occupy things that can not lose their native properties, these are plots of land, organizations and firms. A loan agreement between individuals is prescribed on paper. The amount determined by the laws of Russia, from which it is necessary to take a receipt and can be legitimately returned from the borrower, if necessary, through a court, today is an average of 43 thousand rubles in Russia. This is ten minimum wages. If things were being done and in the process of using them they lost their practical purpose, the borrower should return them in the same quantity and of the same quality. For large monetary loans it is necessary to use the services of a notary.

A loan agreement with a natural person can be drawn upbetween Russian citizens and an organization that takes money or things from a physical person in a loan. In this agreement it is necessary to indicate what kind it is, interest or interest-free. Also, the actions of the party that issues money to the loan for different cases must be clearly specified. This is the misuse of funds, and failure to meet the obligations of the organization to pay interest - the conditions under which the agreement can be terminated unilaterally.

The contract is concluded on paper, certified by a legal organization and is considered valid from the moment of transfer of financial assets or things to the borrower (enterprise).

The contract of buying and selling a car natural persons -necessary document. The presence of this contract is necessary for putting the car in the traffic police for registration. There are cases when an organization sells a car to a private person, for example, an employee of an enterprise. This transaction is made out on the contract form, which lists the names of the seller (organization) and the buyer (passport data, private person).

The first item is the subject of the contract, completethe transfer of passport data of the car, from which year it stands on the balance of the organization. Then comes the point, revealing, at what cost is the sale of the car to an individual. Indicates the time for which the payment and transfer of the car to another owner must occur. The standard forms determine the responsibility of the parties and the conditions on which it is impossible to effect the purchase and sale.

The agreement should also indicate the valid addresses of the parties. The annex to this contract is an act in which the date of transfer of the car to the new owner is prescribed.

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