The image of the organization is its image that existsin the minds of people. He has any company or company, regardless of whether it is working on it or not. If its formation is let go of its own accord, it develops spontaneously. This means there are no guarantees that it will be adequate, favorable for the firm. And immediately create a good image of the organization more profitable and less laborious than to correct the formed spontaneously, unfavorable image of the company.

From what and who depends ..

Forming a kind of "person" or socalled the image of the company, depends on the work of specialists in this field (PR, advertising, marketers). But the image of the organization is created not only through the actions and actions aimed at it. The quality of the services or works performed, the products produced, the attitude of the staff to clients, the employer and their own activities are no less important than presentations and advertising.

To start..

Creating an image of the organization, you need to know:

First, everything about the kind of activity of the company at the moment and in the future;

Secondly, how the services (goods) of a firm differ from the services (goods) of its competitors;

Thirdly, to analyze the nearest rivals, highlight their main shortcomings and make their own advantages.

Internal image

Employees of the company are large informantspotential customers about its real work and inner atmosphere. Therefore, the internal image of the organization is an inseparable component of the external. One is practically impossible without the other.

The internal image of the organization is the perception, the psychological attitude of its employees, shareholders, owners, management and mother departments to it. All of them form the internal environment of the firm.


A good image enhances the prestige of the company, since the presence of a corporate identity speaks of the company's attention not only to production issues.

Increase the effectiveness of advertising and promotion of services and products.

Facilitating the promotion of new services andgoods, because a company whose image has already formed, it is much easier to bring products to the market. Appears brand recognition, it is only necessary to recall the "orange revolution or" reincarnation Beeline.

Increase the competitiveness of the company, because Under conditions of equal goods and services, the struggle is conducted at the level of image.

Making an image

Creating an organization's image is best trustedprofessionals of high qualification. This means that you should not save on this money. If the firm does not care about creating a good image, consumers can well use their imagination and come up with their own image. Needless to say, it does not always come out favorable?

Create by steps

The image of the organization is created in several stages:

1. Identify the main audience, study its gender, age, type of activity, income level, etc.

2. Development of the concept of image - the main motives, values ​​and principles, characteristic for the company and its products and services, as well as important for consumers.

3. The introduction and consolidation of the image in the minds of consumers.

With the help of what?

Creating the image of the organization, professional marketers use the following basic tools:

1. Corporate identity is the main means for formation.

2. Various design techniques, including the creation of packages, the design of offices, exhibitions, showcases, the development of sample ads.

3. Specially selected and oriented to the needs of consumers stylistics.

4. In each specific case, various advertising tools are used that form a positive attitude.

5. PR-events are well-designed constant efforts to create and strengthen mutual understanding between the enterprise and the public. These are press conferences, presentations, exhibitions, sponsorship events.

6. Representation on the Internet.

7. Trademark (emblem, trade mark) - a designation that serves to individualize the services and products produced by the firm.

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