Such activities as marketing, definitionhas an ambiguous. There are about a thousand basic interpretations of marketing, the legendary phrase of Lebedev that it does not exist at all has become. However, it exists, and the results of the activities of specialists in this field can be seen with the naked eye. And the results are a sharp jump in demand for goods or services and a positive attitude of consumers.

True, the last point is provided in greaterdegree organizations for public relations. Under the definition of "marketing" falls almost all activities that increase the demand for the goods. However, do not confuse it with advertising. This is a broader sphere. Marketing has its own principles, which every specialist in this field respects. The first of them sounds like "the right product in the right place." This means that it is necessary to produce and sell only what is in demand and the consumer. If there is no consumer, then all efforts to promote products on the market can be useless. By the way, marketing definition was received in due time, precisely proceeding from this rule.

Another principle is compliance. This means that the goods must correspond to the level of the consumer. How often things that were ahead of their time, turned out to be unclaimed. The same principle includes the definition that consumer demand must be fully satisfied. Marketing definitions are very different, but, having understood its provisions, one can understand what the process is. The third law states that a product must appear or be present on the market when it is most needed. This suggests that sometimes you have to wait and delay with the release of any product for the reason that his time has not yet come. This principle is in sync with the second.

Another principle is renewal. No matter how beautiful and perfect the goods, to increase demand and increase sales, you need to regularly update it. This law is strictly observed by all successful companies. If you take, for example, smartphone manufacturers, you can find that they update the model line every year, forcing consumers to buy. Under the marketing definition of renewal, as an action for the sake of the highest utility of the buyer - will be one of the most optimal. Although such definitions, of course, will become cunning, because most of the updates are done just for the sake of increasing sales.

Why designer things have demand, and simplestandard suits of domestic production do not have it? Because designers always update the product line, and buying clothes from them will be an indicator of style. While simple things do not say anything. Someone believes that the definition of "marketing" also includes the ability to make money from the air. This is partly true, but in fact it is rather the ability to anticipate demand and deliver the right product to the market at the right time. The last law of macketing proclaims the unity of tactics and strategy. This allows you to plan and implement it in the shortest possible time.

The definition of "marketing" is very muchbeautiful, but crafty expressions. Such poetry, of course, deserves recognition. However, she also speaks about the falsity of phrases and the divergence of words and intentions. Nobody doubts that the manufacturer is trying for the sake of the consumer. But the point here is different: a good and innovative product will get demand. Here, quality and demand for products intersect. Therefore, when the manufacturer says that he just did not cease to love his customers, it should also be implied by this, that he also did not cease to love success. At the same time, what is more important - the profit or satisfaction of customers, to solve each specific entrepreneur. The main thing is that the final result always shows the interrelation of qualitative characteristics and relevance. Marketing definition is clear to this day is not received precisely because one can not characterize what has such a variety of methods.

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