Hidden marketing is one of the most effective technologies for promoting a product or service. With a good response from consumers, the cost of it is incomparably lower than the usual advertising.

hidden marketing

The concept of

This is a way to promote a product without a specificdescription of its advantages. There is no direct imposition, consumers do not suspect that they are offered to use some product or service. People often themselves promote a product, discussing or mentioning it during a conversation. There is an exchange of information and opinions. Quite often people want to try the novelty precisely because they talk a lot about it. Currently, the tool has been used very actively due to the popularization of the Internet. The goal of such promotion is the formation of a positive image of the product, service or company. A common form of hidden marketing is the marketing of rumors, which consists in the exchange of information among people.

viral marketing

The methods used in this type of promotion are radically different from the standard way of advertising. The main differences are:

  • Speed ​​of propagation. Information is delivered via the Internet. Social networks, blogs, video channels allow you to quickly deliver information. Urgency, scandalousness, and revolutionary nature stimulate the speed of its spread. Thus, you can quickly notify a large audience about the product being promoted.
  • Efficiency. Consumers are accustomed to advertising, so the reaction to what they see constantly on television or in print production is getting lower. The level of trust in what they hear from acquaintances or people whose opinion they respect is much higher. This method can also be used for verbal communication with a potential buyer of products. For example, a consultant can simply list the characteristics of existing phones. That only confuses the buyer, and he will go home without buying. If you talk about a phone that he himself uses or bought as a gift to someone from loved ones, while it is possible "in confidence" to tell why he does not recommend another phone model for buying. With such a more informal communication, the probability of buying is significantly increased.
  • The cost of organization of marketing is much lower than that of traditional print or television advertising. In addition, the budget can be calculated and quickly evaluated the effectiveness.


The very technology of promotion appeared because ofThe need for small companies to compete with large companies. Due to small financial opportunities, it was necessary to find more affordable ways of making a statement about yourself in the market. In addition, at the initial stage it is important to quickly obtain results from activities because of budget constraints. In addition to low cost, hidden marketing allows you to quickly evoke consumer interest in the product. It is on the refusal to use traditional advertising tools that the business of network marketing companies is being built.

organization of marketing

If the quality of the product isto meet expectations, then in addition to stable demand, the company will receive better advertising from the consumers themselves. Another advantage is the creation of a positive image of the product or company. And also can be used to reduce loyalty to competitors.

When is it useful to use this strategy

Companies are encouraged to resort to this strategyprogress when she is a newcomer to the market and she does not yet have a reputation. In addition, it is the best way to improve your image if the product or company loses consumer confidence.

Hidden marketing can become a component of the wholecomplex of promotional activities to stimulate interest and demand for a new product. If it is to start before the goods are on sale, there is an opportunity to create an agiotage in advance.

About viruses

Is a common way of advertising. The essence of the virus is that one person likes an article or video, he shares it with friends, and those with their own and so on. The more interesting the information is, the faster and more widespread will be its distribution. This method of promotion is very close to hidden marketing. An example, almost 150 years old, demonstrates how similar they are and why they are used together well. Mr. Shustov, wishing to draw attention to his cognac, hired several students whose task was to create excitement. They walked around the wine glasses and asked for this particular cognac. Since it was not available, young people made scandals and fights. The task was to create as much noise as possible and to interest others with what is happening. Journalists could not pass by such events, and articles were regularly published in newspapers. Information spread rapidly, like a virus (viral marketing). As a result, in a very short time, the townspeople learned about this product. In addition to creating excitement, people were wondering what kind of cognac it was, if young people were so indignant at its lack.

network marketing companies

To want to get acquainted with the content,share it with others, it is important to think it over well. The first thing that the audience pays attention to is the name. There can be several dozen similar videos or articles. But having a bright name will attract a lot more attention. For example, "Five of the most beautiful islands in the world" sounds more interesting than just "Beautiful Islands".

To obtain a viral effect, information should bebe free. Even a hint that you need to pay for access to content will repel many users. The advantage of the Internet is the possibility of obtaining new knowledge for free. Some companies offer a basic version of the product free of charge, if it is really useful and interesting, they will more willingly use additional paid services than if they have to pay for access in advance.

hidden internet marketing

Promotion does not exist separately from quality

Viral marketing will give the desired effect only whenusefulness of information. If the user opened the article because of the bright title, but the material itself does not represent any value, it will close it and there will be no desire to share it with others. Even the opposite effect is possible - advice not to read, not to buy and not to use.

Emotional component

The organization of marketing should be focusedon human emotions. Well-selected material, affecting different feelings of people, makes you react more actively to it. Articles about famous people, containing positive and negative qualities and deeds, encourage more to discuss the person and her behavior than the dry listing of her merits.

hidden marketing examples

Often not the specific product itself is promoted, butemotions and feelings that he brings. Hidden marketing on the Internet is not always "hidden." This is the work of various sites with reviews of goods and services. On them, people share experience in using products, telling about the advantages and disadvantages. In such posts, it is often said about the emotional components. Therefore, the photos are good before and after using the cream. Or shower gel not only cleanses the skin, but it also has an invigorating scent that allows you to wake up quickly in the morning and recharge your energy. It is difficult to guess that many of the reviews are written by special people, whose job it is to promote a particular product.

Social networks

Hidden marketing in social networks is veryis popular. It allows you to create pages of interest, post interesting content on them and encourage users to respond to it. Often it is in the comments to him that experience is exchanged and advice is given. Often, several different groups are created, which are ultimately associated with the product being promoted. The difficulty of hidden promotion is precisely that the messages should be unobtrusive in informational nature. Similar methods are used on forums and blogs. In view of the huge range of products that make choice difficult, people increasingly trust the opinion and advice of friends and experts.

hidden marketing in social networks

WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing

Assumes the transfer of information from person to person.man through conversation. At the same time, with personal contact, it is more difficult for a person to refuse a purchase than simply visiting a store. This method of promotion is widely used in network marketing. Companies understand that sales are higher when the goods are offered to a person personally. In addition, you can interest him with bonuses and free samples. Financial interest of agents allows to raise recognition of the brand and products.

Modern technologies to promote products, services, companies involve a lot of people. They involve not only marketers, but also a lot of different specialists and ordinary users.

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