The wealth of any girl does not consist in materialvalues, but in its attractiveness. Smooth and delicate skin, a thin flexible stove, and most importantly - a cascade of well-groomed hair. But not always our appearance corresponds to our expectations or expectations of others. The skin requires regular care, the figure is the result of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

hair like straw what to do

Hair is also not a gift of nature 100%. Any girl can "make" herself a luxurious head of hair by proper care. If the hair is like straw, what should I do in this case? In fasting we'll talk about how to properly care for your hair.

What is the cause of dryness?

If your hair is like straw, what should I do? But before we answer this question, let's see what leads to this quality of hair. In fact, there can be several reasons. One of the most common - the harmful effects of sunlight. There is no enemy more sophisticated for skin and hair than the sun, or rather unprofitable ultraviolet rays. If you want to preserve youth and health, be sure to use sunscreens during the hot season and wear a hat. In recent years, ladies' hats have again become fashionable, and wide caps and baseball caps for young ladies have never out of fashion.


However strange it may be, but in fact,what we eat, and forms the basis of how we look and how we feel. Those people that eat fully and absorb a sufficient number of amino acids (and they are contained in food, rich in proteins), look taut and well-groomed. If you like flour and sweet (and these are not useful fast carbohydrates with fats), then you are doomed to an unattractive appearance.

dry hair like straw

Dry hair like straw signals that it's time to change the diet. Include cottage cheese, eggs, chicken fillet and red fish in your food, but give the bread, tasty buns and candies to the enemy.

Excessive hair care

Strangely enough, but dry hair can bealso those ladies who take too much care of their hair. If the hair dryer or ironing iron is your best friend, then do not be surprised at the poor state of your head of hair. Dry hot air and thermal effects in large quantities are no less harmful than the sun. Try at least several times a week to let your hair dry yourself, and use iron only if necessary. If you are just forced to use a frequent blower, then turn on the purge with cool air.

Frequent painting also dries hair

As a rule, dry hair can "boast"those girls who often dye their hair. After melioration like straw, curls can become, even if the procedure is performed correctly. Also, the dryness of the curls affects girls who are painted in light colors - a strong clarifier not only kills a dark pigment, but also takes away all the moisture that is contained in the hair.

hair became like straw

How to return beauty?

If you think that shampoos and balms are capable ofcreate a miracle and return the hair shine, then you are mistaken. Even the most expensive shampoo or hair mask is a product of the chemical industry, containing aggressive sodium lauryl sulfate and other unpleasant components.

Hair can be cured and more effective way, and almost free. Do the masks checked by decades, which consist of natural components.

Mask Recipes

The most popular mask recipe is a mixtureegg yolk and cognac, if your hair is like straw. What should I do to get this mask? Take 50 grams of any cognac and mix it with the egg yolk of one egg. Apply the mixture on the hair, put on the shower cap and warm the head with a towel. After half an hour you can wash the mask off your hair and dry it in the traditional way. Repeat the procedure once in four days for a month.

The second recipe may not appeal to the ladies because ofOnion smell after application, but believe that the result will surprise you and please. So, hair, like straw - what to do? All you need for this mask is three tablespoons of onion juice, one tablespoon of honey, one egg yolk, one tablespoon of burdock oil and one tablespoon of shampoo containing no sodium lauryl sulfate.

hair after stitching like straw

Mix all the ingredients and apply on dry hair. Leave the mask for an hour, then rinse. While the mask interacts with the hair, warm the head well with polyethylene and a towel.

Mask or oil?

It is not necessary to bother with cookingmasks, if your hair is like straw. What if you do not want to mix different components and cast a mask? You can use oil in order to nourish hair with strength and moisture. Of course, the most popular burdock oil, but do not dwell exclusively on it. Try castor, coconut and even the usual olive. So that your hair is not dry, smear the scalp with a little oil and wash it off in half an hour with water and shampoo. Shampoo can be any, but it is best to use without sodium lauryl sulfate.

hair like straw what to do

Following these simple tips, you can make your hair look beautiful, and your hair is shiny, healthy both outside and inside.

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