Reflect their individuality desires eachgirl. But to diversify your image, do not necessarily cut your hair or change your style of clothes, it will be enough to paint the hair with the help of salon products, which today are presented in a wide range. It's no secret that professional tint shampoos are so popular because of their advantages, which we should learn as much as possible.

Professional color shampoos

What will happen after

After using shade-based shampoos, the resulthair coloring will surprise even the most demanding of their appearance young ladies. Glitter, silkiness, softness and perfect color - this is to be expected from such means. In addition, after dyeing the hair does not need special care, so for a while you can forget about the restoring masks. It's not about all the balms and shampoos, of course, but only about proven and quality.

Professional shampoo

Information for beginners

Products for painting are divided into several types: with light and deep action. All professional tint shampoos with light action are washed off in two weeks, witha deep effect - please with persistent color for a month. The advantage of this type of cosmetics is that it is harmless to the human body. Pigment envelops every hair, preserving its structure.


To date,staining - these are indispensable products in the everyday life of any girl who cares not only about her appearance, but also about her health in general. Do not forget about the simplicity of the procedure: hair can be easily painted and at home.

Professional hair color shampoos

Features of the use of shade means

If you are in the category of those people who doubt whether the chosen shade is suitable, you can only paint the occipital part. After drying the hair, you will understand if you like the end result.

Color staining will depend on your typehair. Remember that a professional shade tonic shampoo for blondes will differ in composition from the shampoo intended for owners of dark hair. Blonde young ladies can use clarifying agents that give a sunny shade. All brunettes can revitalize the hair thanks to the chocolate or copper color. The longer you hold the cosmetic on your head, the more saturated the result will be.

All owners of gray hair is recommendedchoose more noticeable shades. Saturated professional color shampoos can also be used for highlighting. Brunettes with gray hair or their glimpses can paint their strands in a rusty color. But remember that after using henna, do not abuse the shade. The result may not please you, and your hair color will not be what you expected.

If your desire to become a passionate brunette is notleaves you, think carefully before you dye your hair. Black color does not go to all the girls, except this, these shampoos are washed out with difficulty. Sometimes they remain until the length is cut.

If your hair is discolored, do not rushapply coloring balms. Also such means are not used after a wave. Remember that professional hair color shampoos can be used only after a two-week period after the procedure.

Professional color shampoo, reviews

Types of cosmetics

All shade products are divided into red,dark, light and chocolate. To obtain the ideal color, a purple pigment is used, which compensates for the yellowness on the hair. If you overstate the color, then the strands can find an ashy tint, which is not very beautiful to look at your hair.

Experts advise girls with blond hair to give preference to the means with the cornflower extract. Such a shade of shampoo (professional) gives an excellent effect.

About gold color

Golden hue will perfectly emphasize the naturalbeauty of hair, but it is worth remembering that the entire procedure should be designed for several minutes. More experts do not recommend to keep on strands ottenochnye means to avoid unsuccessful staining. If you - a representative of pale skin, then the reddish inserts will look perfect on your hair.

Professional shading estel shampoo

Analyzing the ratings

Among the abundant product range, whichoffers a cosmetic market, it is difficult to find the right remedy that will ideally fit your hair type and carry only a positive effect. Choosing a professional shade toner shampoo, reviews about which you previously learn, you canbe sure that they made the right decision. Only after a careful analysis of the products can you choose your brand for the brand that has most of all sunk into your soul:

  1. Estel. The composition of this product speaks volumes. Reviews of him focus on the lack of ammonia and peroxide, which does not have a good effect on the structure of the hair. The result after the staining of Estel, as the customers say, pleasantly pleased. What could be better than silky and soft hair, which neatly fall over your shoulders? In addition, professional shade tonic shampoo "Estelle" contains UV-filter, which protects hair from the influence of external factors.
  2. Schwarzkopf. This brand of cosmetics has taken care of women's beauty, focusing on safety. Due to the fact that the shading product includes moisturizers, the hair after its use is not overdried and looks healthy and beautiful. According to the customers, the goods of this brand are ideally painted over with gray hair. They are suitable for all types of hair, regardless of age.
  3. Irida. This brand is included in the top list of the best coloring agents. Due to its composition, the products of this brand do not destroy the hair structure and, judging by the reviews, ideally color the roots and gray hair. Each series of this brand is designed to meet the individual needs of customers. All shampoos take care of the hair delicately for the entire period while the staining continues.
  4. L "Oreal. This shampoo for hair coloring has a cumulative effect. According to experts, it destroys the oxide residues that are available after dyeing on the hair. All types of shampoos contain mineral complexes.
  5. Wella. Shampoo of this brand perfectly protects the brightness of previously colored strands. If you use the product in tandem with balm, with the growth of your hair you will only color the overgrown roots. The advantage of Wella, judging by the reviews, is to preserve the old color and protect the paint from rinsing.

Professional tinted shampoo for blondes

After studying top professional productsfor coloring the hair, you can easily make the right choice in favor of an ideal shampoo or balm. Do not be afraid to change, do not be afraid to experiment with coloring products, and you will always be beautiful and elegant.

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