The problem of dilated and clogged pores does not go away inthe past with the end of adolescence. Throughout life, we are constantly confronted with such a problem as black dots. And this is not only a problem for women with oily skin. Naturally, the girls want to get rid of this scourge and cleanse their face. Well, if there is a demand, there will be an offer. There are creams, lotions, foams against black dots, but the most effective are the cleansing strips.

The reason for this phenomenon

In fact, there are a lot of them. It's unambiguous to say what triggered their appearance, can only a professional cosmetologist. However, most often the problem lies on the surface: it's all about incorrect or irregular skin care.

strips from black points propeller reviews
Clear the epidermis twice a daywith the help of special cosmetics. If this rule is not met, then it is necessary to use strips from the black points "Propeller". Reviews say that this tool is the most effective in combating comedies.

The principle of the cleaning strips

Everyone knows that our skin hasheterogeneous structure. On its surface are many irregularities, depressions and pores. It is through them that the skin receives oxygen, and the sebaceous glands secrete their secret. However, if sebum is oxidized, it stops hard, darkens and clogs the pore. Now she can not breathe, bacteria develop in her, a black dot appears that can inflame. It is to prevent such trouble using strips from the black points "Propeller". The reviews emphasize that the effectiveness of such a procedure is not lower than that of an expensive cleaning at a cosmetologist.

The scheme of influence

Due to what is the improvement? Let's examine in detail the mechanism of action. This is an important point to which we will return today. Strips from black points "Propeller", reviews about which are very attractive, are a painless analogue of mechanical cleaning, which did not go unnoticed among consumers. Who passed this procedure to a cosmetologist, he knows that there is not much to enjoy.

strips for the nose propeller reviews

So, the skin before the procedure should beprepared, namely thoroughly cleaned. Now well soak the problem areas with water and glue the strips. In their composition they have a sticky substance and antiseptic additives. Thus, they are glued to the skin and the strips from the black points "Propeller" begin to actively affect it. The reviews emphasize that it is extremely important to moisten the surface well, otherwise the active substance will not be able to contact the epidermis, and there will be no effect.

What happens next? The tip of the sebum begins to soften. This is where the action of the active component is aimed. After a certain time, the composition begins to dry out, tightly pasting the contents of the pore into itself. Then the strip is removed, along with which everything that does not allow the skin to breathe comes out. The pores remain clean, the inflammation is prevented, which means the task is completed.

Some components

What else should a person acquiring know?strips for the nose "Propeller"? Feedback from experienced users suggests that the procedure is better performed in the evening. By morning the face will become clean, redness will go away. By the way, the latter should not be frightened, since mild hyperemia is a normal phenomenon that will pass very quickly.

How to clean the nose of black dots

Why from all means of caring for the problemskin is recommended to use strips for the nose "Propeller"? The reviews emphasize that this procedure is completely painless, which is a big advantage. It allows you to remove contamination and narrow the dilated pores. As a result, the skin becomes clean, and almost imperceptibly.

Tips for using

Purifying strips for the nose "Propeller" can beapply 2-3 times a week. However, it should be borne in mind that after the procedure the pores are cleaned, but open to new bacteria. Therefore, it is very important to try to narrow them as soon as possible. To do this, immediately after removing the patch, wash with a neutral gel without alkali and wipe the treated area with an ice cube. This procedure quickly closes the pores of the skin. Now you can use a regular cream.

Features of the strips "Propeller"

Today there are many similarmeans for cleaning pores. So let's briefly tell about the advantages of the most popular ones, and the reader will already make conclusions for himself. Since we originally talked about the stripes of this brand, we'll start with them. These are classic patches, which have an acceptable price, but quite an aggressive effect. They glue well and grab a large problem area. This plaster does not dry up to the end, remaining flexible and elastic, which facilitates its removal from the skin.

activated charcoal from black dots

There are several variants of this company's patches:

  • The first and most popular contains the extractgreen tea. Since clogged pores also imply internal inflammation, this component helps the epidermis to calm down. Thus, cleaning the pores is accompanied by a caring effect. In addition, green tea tones and refreshes the face.
  • If you have not cleaned your skin for a long time orface a lot of deep comedones, then you need to choose a stronger means. They are just the "Propeller" patch with activated charcoal. Cleaning the pores in this case is more effective, because coal is an excellent natural absorbent.

Similar strips from other manufacturers

Since clearing the nose of black dots withoutspecial means is difficult, then the strips are very popular. "Propeller" surpasses the rest of the products on the market at a price, but this does not mean that you have no choice. One of the leading manufacturers is Nivea. These strips are also very effective, with consumers emphasizing a very mild effect. The plasters are strong, do not tear, they have a convenient shape. They are impregnated with fruit acids, which facilitates the process of softening the cork. In addition, in free sale there are strips of companies Nesura Cosmetics and Tony Moly. Product reviews are also good.

With your own hands

However, it is not necessary to buy expensivemeans that you can maintain the condition of your skin in perfect order. It is possible to make cleansing strips and with your own hands. Let's talk about this a little more. To make a home analogue strips, you need to take milk and gelatin.

cleaning pores
So, in a glass it is necessary to pour a tablespoonmilk and a similar amount of powdered gelatin. Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. You will see that the mixture has become gluey. Hot composition should not be applied to the skin, wait for it to cool down, and spread it on problem areas in 2 or 3 layers. Since clearing the nose of black dots with this tool is not difficult, you will definitely succeed. After 15-30 minutes, the dried film will need to be carefully removed.

Carbon plaster

The previous recipe is effective for cleanskin with small areas of dilated and contaminated pores. However, if the situation is much more sad, then this is also not an excuse to get upset. Activated charcoal from black points helps much more efficiently. Let's talk in more detail about how to make such a plaster. To do this, you need to take a bandage, gelatin, activated charcoal and egg.

Let's start creating home bands

Let's first prepare all the necessaryIngredients. First of all, you need to grind the tablets into powder. Activated charcoal from black dots is the most powerful means for skin regeneration and pulling of accumulated plugs from the pores. In parallel, it is necessary to dilute the gelatin with milk in a 1: 1 ratio. Now leave it for 30 minutes for swelling.

cleansing strips for the nose propeller
After that, you need to mix the mass with the beaten eggand charcoal and leave again for 10 minutes. Now it remains to finish the creation of a plaster. To do this, take a bandage, which is abundantly applied gruel. The patch is applied to the skin. I would like to clarify that home strips with activated charcoal are not left until completely dry. Approximately in 15-20 minutes they need to be carefully removed.

Customer Reviews

The skin is different, so it is recommendedInitially visit a cosmetologist and consult him, which tool is best used in a particular case. Judging by the responses, it can be said that the "Propeller" strips are an effective but quite aggressive tool. Active active substance can cause irritation, so you need to be careful. Despite this, the effect of using such strips is.

with activated carbon
The variant with green tea is a little softer, andpatches with activated charcoal are able to help even in the most severe case. Home strips are more gentle, but their cleaning ability is somewhat lower. Although you can try all the options to be able to find the most effective means for yourself.

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