Beautiful elastic tails are always in price. Firstly, they look spectacular, and secondly, they are suitable for any occasion. If you do not have a round or cone curl, and there is only ironing, then be sure, it will help you make a beautiful hairstyle with curls! And such curls will not be inferior to the curls, curled on the tongs! But how to wind hair on irons?

In the beginning, we need to prepare everything that we can use. It:

how to wind hair on ironing

1. Iron.

2. Means for thermal protection of hair.

3. Mousse or lacquer for curls.

4. Comb for hair (massage and thin for parting).

Before you start, you need to prepare your own hair. To do this, you need to wash your head with shampoo and balm for easy combing. If time allows, then you can make any hair mask. This will give them shine and vitality. Be sure to dry your hair well, that they are absolutely dry, since wet ones have more chances to burn.

After your hair is washed and dried,you need to separate them. To do this, we use the comb for parting - we divide the curls as follows: we collect the hair in a high tail and pull out the strands that are closest to the neck. Further, when these hair are curled, we take the next tier, moving to the crown.

hair iron gama

While you are doing all these procedures, ploykaHeats up. By the time you make the curls, it will heat up. We put on the hair first thermal protection, then mousse (you can do nothing at all, but only at the end to sprinkle with varnish). Next, you need to take a strand (remember, the thinner the strand, the more magnificent the hair will be), fix it on the plait as close as possible to the roots and turn it, moving downward, just like curls do with scissors on a serpentine. And so lock behind the lock.

After that, when all the hair is curled, you needdismantle the curls with your hands (this will give a natural hairstyle) and sprinkle everything with the lacquer of a strong fixation. If your hair does not succumb to a perm, then you can use mousse and lacquer together, that is, mousse to curl, and varnish already to fix the result.

curling hair

Do not be upset if the first time is notit turns out, it really is not so simple, you need, as they say, to fill your hand. In fact, as soon as you understand how to wind hair on an ironing pad, notice that it is very convenient! Having only one ironing, you can make different hairstyles.

There are several secrets that will help to makeexactly the curls you want! If you slide quickly through hair, you will get more curvy curls, if slower - more elastic. If you hold the ployka horizontally, then you get romantic waves, and if it's vertical, then - bold spirals.

Hair curling hair entirely and completely dependsfrom choosing a curling iron. Gama produces excellent models that are perfect for any type of curls. Gama hair iron has a titanium or tourmaline coating (coating tourmaline particles). Thanks to him, there will not be such problems as to wind hair on the iron. He perfectly copes with this task!

A little patience and effort, and beautiful curls for a party or a date will be ready. We hope that the article provided answers to the question of how to wind hair on an ironing pad.

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