Fashion in creating a new and interesting design formanicure does not stand still and is always pleased with new creative ideas. Since the beautiful half of humanity has always experienced tender feelings for members of the cat family, the designers have developed a variety of manicure decor options using images of these animals. Girls with pleasure put on their marigolds an amusing drawing of a muzzle of a kitten.

Interesting ideas

Manicure «cat» can be performed by differentflowers and in a jokingly animated manner. Older ladies who want a more exquisite figure, often decorate in the form of a black cat silhouette.

manicure cat
The picture with a cat and a cat in an embrace on the background of a red heart is rather interesting. Such a romantic scene will be very useful in Valentine's Day.

With paws

Stylish manicure with cat's legs likedladies of a more respectable age. It looks very original and simple enough to perform. No less interesting is the drawing on which the cats are represented in motion: a jumping or running animal alone and in the company of other cats on each ladies' nails tells their little story. Advantages of a manicure with a silhouette of a cat is that it looks equally beautiful both on long and short nails. Bold young ladies, as a rule, use bright and rich lacquer for the background of the created picture.

Feline Manicure Photo
But for everyday work more suitable varnishpastel tones, especially since the cat's silhouettes look no worse. In the beauty salon of the master of manicure can create any picture with the participation of favorite female animals on the nails of clients. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for modern ladies to find time for this procedure, then their own creativity and patience will come to the rescue.

How to make a manicure "cat"?

To create a funny muzzle of a merry kittennails require varicoloured varnishes, a thin brush or toothpick and a piece of cardboard as a palette. The manicure will look playful if the kittens depicted on the nails will be of different colors. The chosen varnish is applied in such a way that the nail hole is untouched. If you bend your fingers and turn to yourself, it will turn out at the top - this will be the cat's crown. It remains only to draw a fine brush with the ears. In the same way we apply a varnish of a different color to the next nail. When the nails on all the fingers get the look of a cat's head, it remains to draw eyes, nose, mouth and antennae.

how to make a cat's manicure
This will require a toothpick or a needle. You should start with the eyes. To do this, drop a drop of green lacquer on the cardboard and, dipping the needle in the lacquer, draw the eyes. Then, in the same manner, we paint the mustache, mouth and pupils of the kitten with black lacquer, we use the pink palette for the nose. If the color of the kitten is black, we use white lacquer for the antennae and mouth. Thus, you get a funny manicure "cat", made at home. He definitely will not leave others indifferent and will cheer up.

Seated Seals

Silhouettes of animals on the move will performHarder: you will need hardness of hands and certain skills. But those seated in the embrace of seals can be depicted even by those who do not have special talents for drawing. The image will be interesting to look at both the fully painted nail and the "French" type of background.

Seated kittens can be placed on the edgenail or on his hole. The picture will look prettier if the animals are different, for example, black and white, gray and red. You will need a thin brush, a cardboard, a needle or a toothpick, varnishes for nails of different colors. To begin with, you should take a comfortable pose, so that your hands do not tremble, otherwise the picture does not work. On the cardboard, you need to drop a drop of black lacquer and draw two dots with a fine brush. As the kittens sitting with their backs to the viewer are portrayed, one point should be bigger - this is the trunk, the other one will be smaller - it will be the head. Then you need to pull out the ears from the top point, and from the bottom of the tail. It turns out sitting kitten, swinging the tail down. The second is drawn in a different color in the same way, but after the lacquer dries. Tails of kittens can be crossed, and above their heads to draw a small red heart - you will get a very touching picture.

Manicure "cat" will be more interesting if the animalsto depict on one nail, and on the rest with the help of a fine brush to draw cat tracks that cross the nail diagonally or along the edge of the plate. Make paws will not be difficult. First you need to put in the desired place a large point, and then above it draw three smaller points - you will get the track of a cat's paw.

Cat's Eye

Another popular design of a manicure is called"Cat's eye." To achieve the effect, reminiscent of the luminous eye of a fluffy predator, allows the magnet and the composition of the varnish. Advantages of this special liquid is that with its help it is very easy to create a fashionable decor of nails at home.

manicure with cat's legs
Special skills are not required, onlyconfidence and hardness of movements. Before applying a cosmetic product, experts recommend covering the nails with a base, if the final varnish is too light. You can make a background for it a liquid of a darker color. The bright glare effect occurs when the metal particles contained in the lacquer are collected in a strip under the action of a magnet. When the nails are fully prepared, you can start applying a color palette. After the first nail is covered, you need to take a magnet, which, as a rule, comes with a varnish, and bring it as close as possible to the surface of the nail plate.

manicure on short nails cat's eye
The approach point is the uppermost partof the nail. The magnet will attract metal particles, forming a glare in the form of a strip. Manicure on short nails "cat's eye" looks also good due to a glare, reminiscent of the narrowed pupil of a predator. The flickering strip visually draws the nail.


Now you know how to do a "cat's" manicure. Photos and pictures of several interesting ideas are presented in our article.

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