As they said in ancient times, the braid is a girl's beauty. Previously, spit was considered a symbol of wealth, abundance, light forces and family happiness. Now weaving is one of the most popular methods of hair styling. To remove long hair in a scythe is not only very convenient, but also beautiful, elegant and elegant.

spikelets on long hair
Currently, there are many types of braid,but in this article we will stop our gaze on one of them - spikelet. This laying is used both in the original form, and as a base for a more complex hairstyle. Spikelets on long hair braid is not difficult. Of course, it's a little harder to make this hairstyle, but it's still possible. Most clearly shows how to weave spikes on long hair, a photo of this hairstyle. Now, when it became clear what this braid should look like, it is necessary to equip with useful knowledge.


Before you start building a hairstyle, you need to cook everything

spikelets on long hair photo
necessary for this, namely the hairpins and the elastic band. Ideally, this laying should be done on clean hair, treated with air conditioning, this will prevent the appearance of "roosters". However, the condition of the hair can be quite mediocre, because spikelets also have the ability to hide a small greasiness. If you lightly moisturize your hair, they will become more docile and supple, easy to fit, and the process of creating a braid will be greatly simplified. Before sprouting spikelets on long hair, you must carefully comb. If the braid is not one, but several, then it is also necessary to split the hair evenly into parting. Now that everything is ready, you can proceed directly to the creation of the braid.


Spikelets on long hair woven as follows. Combed hair should be combed back.

braids for long hair photo
Then from the top of the head it is necessary to separatethree equal in size strands. They should not be very large, but not very thin. To make the technique more understandable, we mentally number the strands from left to right. The first of them must be placed between the second and third strands. Now the third strand should be shifted. Its place is between the second and the first lock. Then you should change your location and the second strand. Now it must be between the third and the first lock. But together with the second strand, you should also grab a small part of the hair on the left. Then it is necessary to repeat each of the steps and at the same time add a part of the hair to each curl on the sides from which they are shifted. In the end, all hair must be involved. Spikelets on long hair do not necessarily weave to the very tips. You can stop the weaving, reaching the base of the neck, or at any other interval. Hairstyle should be fixed with an elastic band, and the detached pricks can be fastened with a hairpin or smooth with a hair spray. This hairstyle will help to see how chic looks like braids for long hair, a photo of these folds can be seen in the article. They are used even by stars on red carpet. Good luck in creating a hairstyle!

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