Jean Marco Venturi - famous couturier, famousall over the world thanks to their exquisite work. This brand represents a variety of products - shoes, clothes, all kinds of accessories. All of them are literally permeated with a subtle style, warmth and passion.

Jean Marco Venturi was born in 1955. He worked in many fashion houses before he opened his own - in 1979. To date, the brand is very popular and is one of the most popular among both women and men. The first perfume trademark was released in 1999.

geno marco venturi vumen

"Jean Marco Venturi" pleases women with their scents

So, more in detail. "Jean Marco Venturi" - a brand that represents both male and female flavors. Of course, some of them won special recognition. For example, among women, the spirits "Jean Marco Venturi Voomen" are in great demand. In this fragrance the great couturier was able to put a piece of his soul. I like it absolutely for all women. In principle, there are spirits for enough grown-up ladies. However, young girls also enjoy using this perfume with great pleasure.

The initial note of the perfume opens with a refreshingA juicy grapefruit, passionate bergamot and diluted with delicate fine freesia. The note of the heart is very special. It envelops the owner of the perfume with the aromas of intoxicating iris, honey yellowfin, lotus and hawthorn fruit. The composition ends with a magnificent note of the train, filled with the aromas of musk and heliotrope. They give perfume sophistication and charm.

To this masterpiece of perfumery you can applyvarious epithets: unforgettable, charming, seductive spirits. All of them will be absolutely deserved. In a word, the fragrance is just perfect. The mistress of such spirits will always be in the center of attention of the opposite sex. This is the so-called secret weapon of a woman in the struggle for the hearts of the stronger sex. Each note of perfume feels purity and brightness of nature, multiplied by the talent of their creator.

This fragrance is very popular withwomen for a long time. It does not fall off. And its secret lies in the original selection of components that make up a single magnificent ensemble. Using perfume, a woman gets a real pleasure from his composition. Open strong citrus aromas are very harmoniously intertwined with calm musk and coniferous features. Spirits are used in the daytime and in the evening.

marco genre

For very young girls

Although young beautiful womensex much more like the fragrance "Jean Marco Venturi Görl". This flower-fruit toilet water literally to the brim is filled with notes of youth and mischief. Perfume is saturated with the smells of fresh greens, the coolness of summer early morning. Girls get great pleasure, feeling the tenderness and charm of waking nature.

The top note of the perfume is refreshinglemon, grapefruit, orange, rosemary and pear. The heart note is poured by a combination of freesia, lotus, spicy cinnamon and ginger. The base note smells of cedar, amber and sensual musk.

spirit of marco genre

For men

And what does the brand offer to men? "Jean Marko Venturi GMV Home Sport" gets good reviews. Fouger notes of Italian perfume attract the attention of many buyers. A stylish courageous bouquet provides the master of the spirits with a sensuous exquisite train - strong, bright, irresistible. The bottle looks very original thanks to the male-heavy blue glass, from which it is made.

The top note gives pleasure from smellsrefreshing lemon and bergamot. The composition continues a note of the heart, filled with sage and lavender. The base note gives the spirits a special sensuality. This includes the scents of patchouli, musk and wet moss.

water gen marco venturi

You will be satisfied

However, you can be firmly convinced thatwhatever kind of perfume "Jean Marco Venturi" you choose, they will not disappoint you in any way. The great couturier is really working hard to create every flavor. Because both men and women are satisfied with these gorgeous spirits. Having made such an acquisition, you will make yourself a magnificent gift. And the fact that your taste is appreciated by people around you, you can not at all doubt. Successful shopping for you!

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