Natural cosmetics without chemistryis a great rarity for today. However, there are cosmetic companies that produce products based on natural ingredients. The company "Ekolab" takes care of its customers and offers only natural cosmetics.

Company "Ekolab"

Cosmetic company works under the slogan"Striving for perfection" and produces cosmetical cosmetics based on organic components using the latest technology, which makes the products of "Ekolab" unique in all respects.

For the manufacture of cosmeticsextracts of such plants as ylang-ylang, vanilla, hibiscus, goji berries, sage and many others are used. As a basis, natural coconut oil, avocado, jojoba, lavender and white lotus are used. The combination of these components allows you to create natural remedies that do not harm the body, but provide gentle care.

ecolab cosmetics

Product range

A wide range of products includes toolscare of the body, face and hair. All products are produced in series. For example, funds based on alginate, which are issued in the form of soap, shower gel, shampoo and hair mask.

Great popularity is enjoyed by the "Silk" seriesfor strengthening hair based on organic oils. Buyers really like these funds from "Ekolab". Production, as women note, can significantly improve the condition of the hair: the tips stop shredding, there is shine and extra volume.

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For body care, the company offers scrubs,shower gels, lotions and mousses. In addition to daily care, the products of "Ekolab" have a rejuvenating effect and allow to maintain natural beauty.

What are the advantages?

Any organic cosmetics is much more useful andmore effective for humans than its chemical counterparts. And any qualified cosmetician can confirm this. Advantages of "Ekolab" means the absence of parabens and silicones, which are used in the creation of most shampoos and shower gels.

Of course, it is impossible to produce moderncosmetics completely without chemical components. Otherwise, its shelf life will not be more than a week. But the company "Ecolab" has created a unique technology, in which plant components make up more than 90% of the composition of funds. Added to the chemistry is aimed only at preserving the shelf life of cosmetics.

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In addition, according to the company's technology"Ekolab", cosmetics are not tested on animals and meet all production standards. Therefore, positive feedback about the quality and properties of the goods on the part of consumers is fully justified.

Ecolab: natural cosmetics

The last few years, the trend towardsall organic and natural literally captured the world. Today many elite brands of cosmetics produce their products under the aegis of natural components and modern technologies. However, the prices for such cosmetics are not the lowest, while the company Ekolab offers quite affordable options for natural caregivers.

Experts recommend the use of productsintegrated to achieve a better effect. For example, if you purchase facial skin care products, then you need to choose a skin for washing, whey, mask and care cream. Of course, this approach has a marketing implication. Therefore, first try one thing to evaluate the quality of cosmetics and its compatibility with your skin. In fact even on natural components there can be an allergic reaction.

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Prices for products "Ekolab"

The price category of the company "Ekolab"is content with democracy, given its unique composition. For example, a bar of natural soap or a soda bomb for a bathroom will cost no more than 100 rubles. A whey for hair growth or an organic mask costs about 300 rubles. In any case, before buying it is worth to study the price list, since in each store there is a margin for the goods of the brand "Ekolab". Cosmetics, a photo of which can be seen in our article, is sold as a whole series, and by individual means. If possible, it is better to purchase products on the official website of the store. This purchase will be a guarantee that you will not get a substandard fake.

Cosmetics "Ekolab": customer reviews

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Comments on natural cosmetics are verypopular, because the fashion for everything organic does not pass for several years. Users of Ecolab products, whose cosmetics are famous for their composition, note the high quality of the components and the excellent effect with regular application. This is especially true for hair care products.

However, one can find comments about the higha margin for products from the side of intermediaries. This disadvantage can not be attributed to the company "Ekolab", because there is always the opportunity to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer.

Negative reviews about the company Ekolab, cosmeticswhich is designed to preserve youth and beauty, can be found only if the components of cosmetics cause an allergic reaction. That is why it is recommended to carefully study the composition of the funds before buying. The assortment of goods "Ekolab" allows everyone to choose the perfect tool for daily care.

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