Along with the refined female hairstyles in the form ofa nice square or smoothly laid long hair, extraordinary decisions on choosing a hairdo are gaining popularity. So, you can shave the temple on a feminine neat head, because asymmetry has long established itself in fashion. And this trend concerns not only short haircuts. Shaved whiskey is increasingly found on long hair. On the one hand, the girl remains with her precious long hair, on the other - the appearance changes in a coordinated way, and the fragile person turns into a resolute and self-confident rock diva.

Shaved Whiskey Girl Photo

Shave the temple - it's not tricky, but doing itindependently, there is a risk to achieve bald spots on the head, and not the desired result. If you shave a little more, there will be a feeling of unhealthy hair loss, if a little less - the desired effect will not be. It is better to turn to professionals, tk. the temple is not the most convenient place for self-hairstyle, but from the side it is more visible how much it is necessary to shave off and at what angle.

shave one's head

But if the matter is urgent and urgenta new hairstyle is very desirable, it is necessary to take into account a number of recommendations on how to shave the temple correctly so that the result does not disappoint. Do this hairstyle is worth it, if the curls have a healthy well-groomed appearance. If the hair problems, i.e. they are thin, brittle, rare, it is better to first put them in order, and only then proceed to change the image. Otherwise, the shaven temple will only complete the picture of unhealthy hair. Before shaving the temple, it is important to determine the area of ​​shaving, that is, whether it is a strip or a fourth of the head. Uncertainty in the process of cutting can lead to disastrous consequences. If the hair is long, then shave the temple should be leaving one centimeter of hair, so the haircut will look more harmoniously. If the hair is short, you can shave the temple to zero. To make the image even brighter, you can supplement it with creative painting of the shaved part. The length of the shaved hair should be constantly maintained, if this is not done the hair will look messy.

how to shave the temple correctly

Before shaving the temple, it is important to understand,whether such a haircut is suitable for a face type. The best hairstyles with shaved temples look at owners of the classical face of the oval form, but also not worse on the face of the round form. To understand this, you need to look at several variants of such a haircut for different types of faces using the example of celebrities. How do they look at different types of face shaved whiskey? Girls, photos of which are given in the article, will help to understand this.

On the face of a triangular shape, this option looksnot too well, gives the impression of something unhealthy, rather, even painful. It's not at all feminine and mysterious. On the face of the classic oval shape, the haircut looks very harmonious and mysterious, especially in combination with evening make-up and red lipstick. For owners of a round type face, the haircut is also suitable, the main thing is not to overdo it with the size of the shaved area.

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