We get a dark shade of the skin due to the pigmentmelanin, which is produced by our body. Someone has the ability to produce it higher, someone lower, it is due to a genetic feature. People with a light type of skin tanning is very difficult, so they strive in every possible way to facilitate the process of obtaining a tan.

For people with white skin there are special sunblock, which contribute to the development of melanin, theyhelp to acquire a golden shade of skin for those who have a deficiency of their own pigment. However, proper care of the body is not the key to success. To get a beautiful tan, you need a whole set of measures aimed at preparing the body for the effects of UV rays.

One of the most important criteria for a beautiful shade of skin is proper nutrition. With the use of certain products, the chance of sunbathing increases markedly.

First of all, it is necessary to debunk the myth that the use of carrots contributes to a strong tan.

Carrots contain a large number ofbeta-carotene, and most people are used to think that it is he who is responsible for buying a tan. However, the sensitivity of the skin to UV rays of beta-carotene is virtually unaffected. Its feature is a "tint" effect due to accumulation in the skin. Thus, using a huge amount of carrots, you risk to acquire a yellowish shade of skin. If you have very light skin, it can look painful, but if you are a swarthy type, then others may have a doubt about the presence of Chinese roots in you. The use of carrots is worth dosing, for example, drinking a glass of carrot juice per day or adding vegetable to the salad. In the hot season, you can replace carrots with peaches, apricots, melons or watermelon. They are also rich in beta-carotene.

Sunflower and olive oil, almonds and walnuts contain vitamin E, protecting against free radicals, that is, preventing aging of the body and skin.

Orange, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin containa huge amount of vitamin C. It is necessary in the warm season, as it is consumed more strongly by exposure to sunlight. Citrus juices are a good activator of tanning, if you use them every day, diluting with water in a one-to-one ratio. However, choosing a similar method of preparing the body for sunbathing, you should be careful: a large number of natural citrus juices can lead to allergies.

As for the most "effective" products in the struggle for a beautiful shade of skin, the range of products that contribute to the development of melanin is wide and varied.

Cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, fatty fish, liver not onlyhelp in buying a tan, but also help the skin to recover due to high content of vitamin A or fatty acids that promote cell regeneration.

If you want to prepare your body fortan, then try not to eat smoked and fat, eat right: eat uneaten fish and meat with fresh vegetables. Protein contained in products of living origin, replace periodically with vegetable protein (for example, beans also contribute to the production of melanin). Instead of chocolate and flour, which prevent the tanning, pamper yourself with nuts and dried fruits: almonds, dates, pistachios, walnuts, prunes.

Following this diet, you will not only help your skin to get sunburned, but also improve its condition, and probably even throw a few extra pounds.

Do not forget about the integrated approach. When taking a sun bath, use a special cosmetics for sunburn. Then you can show off and beautiful tan, and delicious health of your skin.