With the modern abundance of a variety of cosmeticsfor hair is, however, it is very difficult to find a suitable line of funds for yourself. Many women are familiar with the situation when the purchased paint does not give the color that was expected from it. Coloring hair at home, you must admit, always carries a certain risk.

Nevertheless, negative consequences can be mitigated andreduce the likelihood of their occurrence to a minimum. To do this, it is recommended to use high-quality cosmetics, such as, for example, "Schwarzkopf" (hair dye). The latter is favorably distinguished by a high level of quality and safety, and these are the primary problems for those who often have to make staining.

What class of products to choose?

Among most people there is an opinion that it is betteruse professional cosmetics, aimed at beauty salons. This is not a true statement. In fact, it is only the master who can use these tools correctly (mix in the right proportion / pick colors / choose the optimal time). The concentration of active substances here exceeds the analogous one in household coloring agents by several times.

Thus, because of the high intensityEffects on the structure of hair professional paints require human error-free actions. At the same time, few ordinary people can boast of a good knowledge of the products of a particular company - let alone its composition and how to work with it. Therefore, the best option will be the use of semi-professional cosmetics, which is a step above the household.

Hair dye «Schwarzkopf»

This German firm has a long history andhas existed for more than a century. Over the years, its specialists have introduced many new innovations into the beauty field, created unique in their composition shampoos and dyes. It is worth knowing that in the past it was Schwarzkopf that became the first company to start producing shampoos without alkaline base.

Now the company remains one of the leadingmanufacturers of a variety of hair care products and related products. The offered assortment has expanded many times: it presents both expensive professional and semiprofessional means, and relatively budgetary cosmetics for home use.

Produced by the company "Schwarzkopf" hair dye is created on the basis ofnatural plant extracts and components that significantly reduce the negative effects of staining. For allergy sufferers and simply those who do not tolerate the smell of ammonia, a special product line has been created. This bezammiachnaya "Schwarzkopf" - hair dye, which is considered the most sparing version of the dye.

If we talk about the professional direction, thenthe main palette is called Igora. It presents a wide range of available shades of production of this company. There is an additional palette - for special colors, created to help masters in creative coloring. This is a bright Essential Color.

New series: Natural & Easy

For lovers of natural shades recentlythere was one more production of firm "Schwarzkopf", a paint for hair. This line is called Natural & Easy, and it contains only natural colors. Such a dye is especially suitable for solving the problem of gray hair, and when using a special line, Gray Expert guarantees a 100% coloration result. It is noteworthy that the paint showed itself well even in those cases when gray hair is half or more of the total volume.

Color mousses

But the products of the Schwarzkopf company for hair are notonly persistent dyes. After all, many are afraid to change cardinally and permanently the habitual image, or they are afraid that after unsuccessful dyeing their hair will look like straw. Here you can recommend the painting mousses, presented by the company in a wide variety.

They will give complete freedom of creativity, allowinguse both natural and bright solutions for creating an image. Mousses, unlike the usual dyes, do not penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair, but only envelop them outside. As a result, it does not bring any harm, but the color lasts no more than a week.

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