Not quite healthy complexion became seriousa problem that bothers a large part of the world's population. The most common trouble is a pale face. A few centuries ago, ladies, trying to get aristocratic pallor, went to great sacrifices. Bloodletting, lead white, baths of vinegar - which only did not make medieval beauties!

Today, pallor is a sign of problems withhealth. Natural shades are yellowish, tender pink and beige. How to determine why the face is pale, the symptom of which diseases can be earthiness and how to return the skin a natural shade, read in this article.

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Overwork or illness? What is the cause of pallor?

In most cases, pale skin can beexplained by simple everyday reasons. Sometimes this is an individual feature. The main reason for this appearance is the lack of outdoor walks and lack of physical activity, a long sitting in front of the computer monitor or in front of the TV. Because of lack of oxygen, the level of hemoglobin decreases.

Another reason is chronic fatigue. Nervous tension, physical activity and bad ecology disturb the rhythm of sleep. The body does not recover, the attraction disappears.

Pale complexion may indicateirrational nutrition. A large amount of carbonated water, alcohol, fatty and spicy food leads to problems associated with the digestive system and, accordingly, to pallor.

In order to determine the disease, it is not enough to note only pallor. It is worth paying attention to the mucous membranes and nails. With serious problems, they also become discolored.

pale face of cause

Diseases in which a very pale face

The pallor of the face leads to a narrowing of the subcutaneous blood vessels. This is due to severe infections, injuries, severe stress.

If pallor is combined with general weakness,fast fatigue and constant shortage of air, then, most likely, it is anemia. Anemia can appear against the background of hemorrhoids, ulcers, intestinal tumors. In addition, the causes of this disease can be blood loss in menstruation, the use of aspirin. The level of hemoglobin in the blood and during pregnancy, breast-feeding decreases. It is easy to get rid of such pallor - it is enough to start eating foods with high iron content and vitamins.

A pale face in tandem with facial swelling and swelling under the eyes speaks of kidney disease.

The narrowing of the aortic lumen can also be the cause of pallor. At the same time, the lips are very pale.

Noticeable common blanching, whichaccompanied by sweating and severe pain in the abdomen - a symptom of appendicitis or perforation of the stomach ulcer. In addition, pale skin is the first sign of a heart attack and internal bleeding.

pale complexion

Weakness, pallor, the appearance of yellowness,high fever and headache may indicate the onset of sepsis. A serious infectious disease can provoke any bacteria. The sepsis has many serious consequences, and therefore, with the first symptoms it is worth immediately contacting the doctor.

Pale face without blush - a sign of violationsof cardio-vascular system. Vegetosovascular dystonia is accompanied by pallor, dizziness, pain in the chest. In addition, with this disease a man's hands and feet freeze.

External factors

There are no failures in the work of the body, but it does worrypale face? The reasons may lie in external factors. For example, pallor can be triggered by heat stroke or hypothermia. After all, with a heat stroke there is an outflow of blood from the surface of the skin. Overheating is usually accompanied by weakness and increased sweating. When supercooled, the vessels shrink considerably, the blood enters the most important organs, while not supplying food and heat to the skin.

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Short-term and age paleness

Pale may appear just a fewminutes due to stress, fright, severe shock or pain. In addition, the complexion changes after sixty years. This is due to dehydration of the skin, lack of nutrition and moisture. The structure of the skin changes, the work of the vessels slows down.

The child has pale skin of the face: causes

Often, mom is concerned about the pallor of the skinchild. At any suspicions it is necessary to address to the doctor. The doctor, having examined the oral cavity, eyes, nails, will be able to draw conclusions about the state of health of the baby. If the child is active, well eats and sleeps, the cause of pallor may be heredity and lack of "sunny" vitamin D.

If the crumb quickly gets tired, irritated, worthTo check up, whether he develops an anemia. To begin to worry is and in the event that the child has dark circles under eyes: it can be a symptom of several diseases, for example allergies. In addition, this may indicate a urinary tract disease. Concerns should also be caused by bruises that appear on the body of the baby for no reason. Together with pale skin, they are a sign of diseases of the circulatory system.

why the face is pale

It is worth remembering that when anyAn anxiety symptom should be addressed to the pediatrician, and not draw conclusions and "prescribe" the treatment yourself. Only an expert should conduct a survey, choose the treatment and prescribe the necessary drugs.

How to get rid of pallor

Healthy skin color is an indicator of healthof the whole organism. Cosmetic products can only disguise a pale complexion, but this does not solve the problem of physical condition. If the medical examination did not reveal any ailments, you can return a healthy complexion yourself. This will help to play sports. Physical exercises bring blood circulation in order, restore the work of the cardiovascular system. And this means that in a couple of weeks the complexion will come back to normal. If you are worried about a pale face, the reasons for which are a dense dinner and light dizziness, try to lie down. In this case, the head should be lower than the level of the heart.

Simple rules

To reflect in the mirror pleased, you must follow simple rules. After all, how the skin looks depends not only on the physical condition, but also on the mood.

- For a complexion to be natural, take as a habit to include citrus, carrots or apricots in breakfast.

- Spend as much time on the street as possible.

- To microcirculation of the skin came back to normal, you need to do a daily massage. Its main feature is the use of ice cubes. You can freeze water or decoction of herbs.

- Avoid conflicts, do not show aggression.

Masks for pale skin

Return the skin a healthy color help mask fromcarrots and apples, taken in equal quantities and grated on a fine grater. On the cleansed face, apply a thin layer of mask and leave it for 15 minutes. Then the mixture should be washed off with cool water and apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

Restore a healthy color will help mask withthe addition of essential oils. Suitable oils of geranium, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary and lavender. As a base any base oil - coconut, olive, jojoba or almond oil is suitable. You can add one or two drops of essential oil in any home mask, for example clay. In order to improve the complexion, you need to take two tablespoons of pink or white clay and dilute it with milk. After thorough mixing, you need to add essential oils from the list. Keep such a composition on the face for more than 15 minutes is not recommended!

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Pale skin and solarium

If you have a pale face, from a visit to the solariumit is better to refuse. However, if the desire to sunbathe is too great, you need to remember about safety! The first sessions should not be more than twice a week, and their duration should not exceed three minutes. Do not neglect and special cosmetics. Oils and vitamins, which are part of the creams for the tanning salon, moisturize the skin and do not overdry it.

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