Henna is one of the most effective means forimproving the quality of hair. It is made from sheets of young cassia tupolastic. There is a misconception that henna is suitable only for staining. But in practice it is very widely used for various cosmetic purposes: for the care of hair, skin, nails, and also for drawing tattoos.

colorless henna reviews
Colorless henna has exactly the same usefulproperties, as color. But at the same time it is suitable for all hair colors. does not stain. That is why the colorless henna testimonials got the most admired. It eliminates many problems: eliminates dandruff, minimizes hair loss, strengthens the roots, improves blood circulation in the scalp. Irreplaceable this tool will be, if you decide to grow curls, tk. it stimulates their growth. Colorless henna responses were also excellent from women who with her help regained their hair after mechanical, chemical damage.

This remedy is an excellent natural conditioner. Its use can replace balsam and even shampoo.

colorless henna for hair mask
Masks from colorless henna can easily come onThe replacement of an expensive lamination procedure, this remedy, thanks to its rich medicinal composition, penetrates the structure of the hair. Henna restores it, thickens and strengthens the curls, smooths the protruding scales and covers the hair with a protective film. The result of this mask are thick, strong strands that breathe health.

If your head of hair has a property quicklyget dirty and get fat, then you will also receive colorless henna for hair. Masks with her and with the addition of clay, if done at least several times a week, will normalize the secretion of sebum.

masks from colorless henna
If you use this medication at home, there are practically no contraindications, except perhaps for individual intolerance and allergies.

Despite the popularity, colorless henna reviewssometimes received and negative. But this is solely the fault of the women themselves, who did not take into account some features of its application. Firstly, in order not to overdry your hair, you can not use a mask with colorless henna too often. And, secondly, if the hair is too brittle and dry, then it is necessary to add a spoon of any butter (burdock, olive, linseed) to the mass. It is also very important not to use henna immediately after staining and perm. This is due to the fact that the components of the dyes are incompatible with it. The result may be the most unexpected. Unfortunately, because of ignorance of such nuances by women, colorless henna received negative feedback.

Here is an example of a universal mask forweakened hair. It will strengthen the structure of the hair, making the curls smooth and silky, and also eliminate dandruff. To prepare it you need colorless henna, any oil (olive, burdock), two yolks and two teaspoons of honey. Henna is poured with hot water, then the rest of the ingredients are added. That's all, the mask is ready to be applied to the hair.

In conclusion, it can be said that colorless hennahas long and firmly occupied a well-deserved place among the means to strengthen and treat hair. Today many women prefer it to expensive drugs.

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