At all times, shades of red were consideredmagical seal of fate. Such colors are inherent in nature passionate and mysteriously unpredictable. There is a belief that a fiery color can change a destiny. In addition, the copper color scheme is so diverse that every woman can choose the right shade.

shades of red
Interesting Facts

In the world, only 3% of people have a red hair color. Shades of copper used to be considered devilish, and women who have such locks, called witches or witches. Now the times are not the same, but the natural redheads are not enough. In the Scandinavian countries, their 5%, in Scotland and Ireland - 11%, in Southern Europe - less than 1%.

Currently, red-haired girls are increasinglyrecognized as "the ideal of beauty." Representatives of the weaker sex, deprived of nature, change the natural color of hair. In this they are helped by hair dye, the red shades of which are found in every line of the largest manufacturing companies.

Color of the skin

The girl's skin can emphasize the beauty of the hair or shade it, or it may not look like the chosen color. How to choose the color gamut? We'll figure it out. If your skin:

red hair color shades

  • gently pink, bright shades of red (successful wheat, golden blond) will be successful. By the way, they make expressive blue-gray and blue eyes;
  • swarthy, peachy or olive, they will fitdark-red, dark caramel, red-brown colors. By the way, bright-red (carrot) hair in combination with green eyes can not kill a single man. And also a rich redhead is suitable for women with brown-green or brown eyes.


If you decide to include yourself in the "army of redheads"beauties, then you know, the skin tone should be impeccable, and the eyelashes and eyebrows - dark. Lipstick should choose a classic red shade, but if you consider it bright or vulgar, try a tender pink or reddish-brown tones. Shadows match the color of the eyes.

hair color red shades
Fashion 2013

In the hairdressing trends for 2013, there are two directions of coloring in red:

  • - Frankly outrageous, murderous bright shades of red: crimson, coral, orange-yellow, red.
  • - The maximum natural colors with obvious reddish and copper podtons, so to speak, gently golden hair.

The first option is rather extravagant and will suitnot all. But if you are advanced in the wardrobe, lifestyle and style - trendy color for you! Choose the most intense colors of the palette, combine them with short fashionable haircuts and be at the forefront of fashion.

Option number two can suit almost everyone. Not important age, social status, views. These shades of red bring to the fore all the advantages of appearance: facial features, eyes, hair texture. At the peak of the hairdresser's fashion, you can find yourself adding just a tiny bit of copper or red tone to the usual coloring. Here is the main secret of the popular "mix": light colors should be combined with yellow and copper, and dark colors - with reds.

On the basis of this formula, we draw the appropriate conclusion: the most fashionable colors in 2013 are copper-brown, amber and red-brown.

Which shade to choose is up to you. Try, experiment, because the red color - it's optimism, energy, self-confidence!

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