Until recently, this amazing product was knownonly tender oriental beauties, and now all European countries are experiencing a real boom in the use of cosmetics, which include argan oil. It is called liquid gold, a magical medium. How did it deserve flattering comparisons and so attracted the attention of the adherents of the beauty industry?

A bit of history

Argan oil is extracted from plain yellowishthe fruit of the prickly tree - argania, which grows exclusively in Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The whole process from the assembly of fruits to the oil is exclusively hand-made, which, naturally, affects the price. In total, slightly more than 12 million liters of oil are produced per year - this is very little (for comparison, olive and sunflower oil - 3 and 9 billion tons, respectively).

Argan oil properties

Even the ancient Phoenicians discovered thisan amazing tool and began to use it not only in cooking, but also for wound healing, protection from burns and hair beauty. And Berbers consider argan oil to be a universal remedy for any skin problems.

1) Skin Care: careful and effective protection against destructive external influences, preservation of natural hydrolipid cover. The high content of vitamin E makes the oil a wonderful antioxidant, and unsaturated fatty acids well smooth and soothe the skin. Argan oil does not leave fat traces and is perfectly absorbed, that favorably distinguishes it from other oils.

2) Anti-aging effect: under the influence of unique components, wrinkles are smoothed naturally, and the skin is not pulled together. The state of the cells is markedly improved, they begin to be intensively updated. Thus, the skin becomes remarkably supple, smooth and youthful.

3) For problem skin: Thanks to linoleic acid, argan oil helps to lower cholesterol in the blood. And phytosterols extremely effectively heal traces of burns, scars, cracks on the lips and nails, wounds and abrasions.

4) Prevention of diseases: in the argan oil contains a lot of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids, so it is recommended to eat regularly. So you can reduce the symptoms of cardiovascular disease and rheumatism, improve cerebral circulation, the state of the digestive tract and liver.

5) Argan oil for hair: extremely effective against hair loss and dryness, cross-section of tips. It gives the hairdress a low-fat natural shine and a healthy, well-groomed look.

6) Restoration of nails: strengthens the nail plate, prevents delamination and brittle nails, moisturizes the cuticle.

Ways of using argan oil

This product is added to the cream and mask for the skin,hair dyes, hair care products. You can use it in pure form, and mixing with other oils. For example, to stop the hair falling out, become stronger and become shiny, a mask - a mixture of equal parts of argan oil and karite or argania and burdock - is a good choice.

For skin care it is most effective to applyargan oil after shower or bath, massage circular motions. It is quickly and easily absorbed, and positive changes are visible almost immediately. After several such procedures, youth, elasticity and velvety skin is simply guaranteed.

And although argan oil is considered one of the mostexpensive plant products in the world, and its price reaches 80 euro per liter, it absolutely justifies the invested funds. Such an effective investment in beauty brings surprisingly fast and lasting results. Want to heal the body, wonderful to be beautiful, surprise your friends with a wonderful appearance? Then do not even doubt: you can use any cosmetics in which there is argan oil.

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