Mask for hair restoration in the homeconditions will help you make your head of hearing more attractive with minimal expenses. This option is suitable for those who prefer natural methods. In addition, the set of traditional medicine is almost inexhaustible, you can always find the right recipe for yourself.

Mask for hair restoration at home

Masks for restoring the structure of hair

Components for the preparation of miraculousfunds you can find at home. You can use almost any improvised product: olive oil, yolks, bran and rye bread, lemons, honey and so on. Of these, you can make and balms, and shampoos, and masks for hair restoration at home.

Means prepared independently, notcontaining dyes and other chemicals, will be an excellent alternative to cosmetology. For example, you can prepare a mask according to the following recipe: in 1/4 cup of liquid yogurt you need to add one egg and four large spoons of thick mayonnaise. Such a remedy will make your hair beautiful.

Mask for hair restoration in the homeconditions with avocado will make your hair curls silky. To make it, you need to knead in a bowl half of the avocado and add to the mixture two small spoons of honey, egg yolk. The product is applied to the hair for thirty minutes, then washed off with shampoo.

Masks for restoring the structure of hair

Mask for hair restoration at home with the use of herbs

Strengthen and restore hair will help herbalmask with henna. For its preparation, it is necessary to brew for five or six hours a shredded collection of nettles, sage, immortelle, St. John's wort. Then add colorless henna and mix until smooth. The agent should be applied for 30-40 minutes.

It should be noted that nettles in masks forstrengthening hair is used most often, since it has special healing properties. It is also used to restore the structure of the head of hear. To do this, you need to rub the nettle broth daily into the roots, which is prepared in this way: the nettle (50 g) is poured with vinegar and a glass of water and boiled for thirty minutes over low heat. The broth should brew for an hour, then it should be topped with boiled water (200 ml) and strain.

In the treatment of folk remedies, the most importantcondition - regularity. It is recommended for the time of hair restoration procedures not to curl curls, and also not to stain them and do not stack. Of course, to expect a quick result is not worth it, but it is guaranteed to be.

Mask for the restoration of dry hair

mask for the restoration of dry hair
Restore the structure of damaged and dry hairwill help the preparation prepared according to the ancient oriental recipe. To make it, you need to grind the root of the pink rhodiola, brew it in one liter of boiling water. Next, you should strain the infusion and pour it on stale rye bread. The mixture should be applied to the hair, rubbing into the scalp. Then for an hour, wrap your head with a towel. This mask for hair restoration at home is washed off with warm water without the use of shampoo.

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