People are accustomed to divide women into brown-haired, brunetteand blondes, although for a long time the beauty industry allows beauties to color their hair in a variety of colors: even in pink, blue and purple. However, in such colors not everyone will dare to paint, and they are not always appropriate. However, without them, there is plenty to choose from: platinum blonds, wheat and honey hues, various variations on the theme of red, chocolate and chestnut ... There are paints even of a wine shade.

At the same time, every woman considers her dutysometimes cardinally change the appearance, which means, inevitably, each of them from time to time is faced with a problem: how to choose the color of the hair. Someone solves this problem constantly, someone only occasionally. Unfortunately, just choosing the shade you like is not enough, because it should be combined with complexion, skin type, make-up. Otherwise, the hair will look unnatural. In addition, some shades emphasize skin imperfections or can change the complexion in better or worse.

How to choose the right hair color according to the typeskin? Stylists divide women into two types (in terms of skin color): warm and cold. The first type are dark-skinned girls with dark eyes. They fit bronze and golden colors, however, it is important to make sure that the hair color is at least a tone darker than the skin.

The second group includes light-skinned women withbrown, green or gray eyes. Such girls are suitable for light and red shades. Light ones are light, but from golden hues it is better to refuse, it can merge with the color of the skin.

It is important to take into account the woman's habits to that ora different type of makeup. So, with the make-up of warm colors, different shades of red, and also golden colors look great. How to choose a hair color for lovers of cold shades in make-up? The ideal color is ash blond. But other light colors will look good. And for lovers of bright makeup as if specially created dark shades.

Another point that is simply necessaryConsider, in order to answer the question of how to choose a hair color, is the skin condition. So, hair color, close to white, emphasize all the imperfections of the skin: irregularities, spots and stuff. So those who have a skin is not perfect, after dyeing in this color, you need to monitor your makeup. Or choose a different hair color, for example black. Despite the fact that he makes the facial features more abrupt, the various imperfections of the skin he hides very well.

And for those who easily blush or have a pink shade of skin, when choosing a hair dye, you must abandon the red scale.

Of course, it's easier to come to the salon and trustspecialist. However, many prefer to paint themselves, the benefit of modern paints are becoming more simple to use. This allows you to save a lot on the procedure itself, and do not have to register in the salon beforehand, wait. Went and bought the paint in the store. And then one thing to imagine the final result, and another - the choice of a specific shade. How to choose hair color yourself? Next to the showcase on which there are colors, there must necessarily be a palette of shades: daddy with enclosed strands of different colors. Each strand is marked with two numbers: the first - the depth of color, the second - a specific shade. Please note that at home you can lighten up no more than 2 tones. So before lighting it is necessary to first find the color in the palette and see which number is marked with a tone, and then add to this figure a deuce and choose a shade in this range. But in the dark side, the choice of colors is not limited at all.

I want to believe that the answers to the question of how to choose the hair color given in this article will help you to cope with this problem yourself. Good luck!

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