Not only in summer, but at any time of the year,so that the legs look tempting. To achieve this, many girls are used to going to the beauty salon. And all because they do not yet know how to learn how to make a pedicure, and do not imagine that at home, a couple of elementary techniques can easily extend the effect of the salon procedure, save time and money.

How to do pedicure at home

To buy the right nail file is the first thing to do. They come in three forms:

  • with a coarse coating very similar to sandpaper;
  • plastic with the effect of "under glass";
  • glass.

how to do pedicure at home
Films with an emery covering exfoliate edgesnails. Plastic, similar to glass, fit, but the best option - glass. Filigree marigolds should be in one direction, trying to give an absolutely even shape. Do not experiment with the shape of the nails on the legs, because it is fraught with the ingrowth and subsequent development of the disease onihokryptoz. How to do a pedicure at home, if the bone at the base of the thumb protrudes? Only in this case, the uneven shape of the nail plate can become some kind of salvation. If a nail is filed diagonally, it can create an optical illusion of even toes. The next stage is polishing (getting rid of the leftover varnish with the help of a file-buff) and removing the coarsened skin around the nails and on the feet. Removing the skin in the water is a big mistake, because the plots in need of treatment can be seen badly, and if the foot slips, damage can not be avoided. Pegs should be processed first downwards - towards the foot, and then in the opposite direction, then there will be no rough spots. How often do pedicures? Treat the legs every 1.5-2 weeks, if the skin grows quickly. And if it is thin and dry, then one procedure per month is enough.

how often to do a pedicure

Oils, scrubs, varnishes

Specialized foot scrubs haveantifungal effect, they contain antiperspirants and herbal ingredients that remove swelling. How to do pedicure at home, which scrubs to use, if there is no opportunity to purchase a professional? Just mix the usual body cream and sea salt, the effect will not be worse. Professionals are advised to use oil (for the body is suitable) as a balm for the feet. To worry about the frequency of applying varnish on the nails is not worth it, because the damage is no more serious than the harm from a polluted atmosphere, frequent washing or improper nutrition.


This procedure is not entirely suitable as a solution to the question of how to do a pedicure at home, but it is worth mentioning.

how to learn to do a pedicure
Many have seen in the beauty salons aquariums withsmall fish, which with pleasure "eats" your feet for 10-15 minutes. It's interesting to try, is not it? However, experts advise to avoid this procedure: little did anyone feed these fish to you. After all, it could well be a person with skin diseases or fungal infections. In addition, the water in the aquariums is changed infrequently and wash them seldom. Therefore, it is better to give preference to classical pedicure in the beauty salon, and even better - at home.

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