mask of the bodyguard
Smooth and clean skin of the face is, undoubtedly,dream of girls of any age. After all, acne, blackheads, black spots are haunted by many for many years, and perhaps throughout life. How much money goes weekly to achieve minimal beauty? To buy scrubs, lotions, masks and other cosmetics? Girls, you are not tired of wasting money yet? Maybe it's time to think about the fact that a person can be put in order without spending a lot of money? You will say: "No! This can not be! "Are you sure of this? Many years of experience of the older generation says the opposite. And it can be easily proved. So, if you are interested in cheap and affordable means to maintain the beauty of the skin of the face, then this article does not upset you at all.

The most accessible means is the usual sponge.

What is the bodywort and what is its mechanism of action on the skin?

Bodyaga - a lot of coelenterates,which a man collects throughout the summer, after which he thoroughly dries. It is sold practically in all pharmacies in the form of a powder of greenish (gray-green) color. Powder of the bodyguard is an ancient means-helper, without which no one manages. Now the powder is popular both in medicine and in cosmetology. Bodyaga has strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

How useful is the powder of the bodyworm?

  1. Causes irritation of integuments, subcutaneous capillaries and blood vessels, as a result of this blood supply to weak areas of the skin is greatly enhanced.
  2. Thanks to the release of active substances such as histamine, prostaglandin, powder of the body sponge heals damaged tissues, promotes rapid resorption of scars and seals on the skin.
    mask of clay and water sponges
  3. All procedures using sponge water saturateoxygenate the skin and significantly increase the content of additional oxygen in the skin, as a result of which it becomes more elastic and elastic.

For the beauty and health of the skin of the face

The mask of the bodyguard carries out a deep cleansing of the face,smooths fine wrinkles, heals wounds, scales and heals acne in all their manifestations. Specialists working in the field of cosmetology recommend using bodyguard in the form of various masks. They argue that it is in this way that all the basic properties of the drug will act as much as possible on the skin, eliminating them from all the flaws. Mask from the bodyagi, the reviews confirm this, it helps to successfully deal with many problems.

Recipe # 1

Exfoliating mask for body skin. One teaspoon of watercress is diluted with the same amount of water, this mixture is added to the thick of the previously boiled insoluble coffee. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, applied to the face and massaged in a circular motion of the skin for 3 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm boiled water and apply a face cream.

mask from bodyagi reviews

This mask for the face with a spleen reduces redness, removes noticeable pigment spots and cleanses the skin of dead particles.

Recipes №2

The next remedy for the treatment and recovery of facial skin is a mask of peroxide and body-water.

One teahouse (canteen - depending on the problems)Spoon the bodyparts diluted with hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas (apply with a brush) and after complete drying, rinse with cool boiled water. Apply a face cream that is suitable for your skin type (or wipe with aloe juice).

Mask from peroxide and bodyaga has the strongestanti-inflammatory property: in a few minutes red pimples will become the color of the skin and will significantly decrease in size. Just like the previous one, this mixture will help you get rid of the highly visible pigment spots.

Recipe # 3

Face Mask with Botoyag

Another equally effective method is a mask fromclays and water sponges. Its recipe is pretty simple. It is only necessary to purchase such components as clay (blue, white or green) and powder of the body sponge. On the question of how to make a mask of water and clay, the answer is the following. In a ratio of 1: 2, mix the powder and clay (of course, the best is considered green, but everyone has their own tastes). To the resulting dry mixture, gradually add water until the mixture is slightly denser than the consistency of sour cream. The mask can be applied both to the affected parts of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) and to the entire face. The only difference is time. In some areas, the mask should be kept until completely dry, but completely on the entire face - no more than 15 minutes (maximum - 17). After the time has elapsed, rinse off with a slightly warm boiled (necessarily) water and apply a face cream. After this procedure, you can feel a slight tingling, tingling - do not worry, this bodyguard has a therapeutic effect on the surface of the skin.

No less relevant among young people is the question of how,whether helps or assists a mask from bodiagi from spots. The answer is obvious: of course yes. Naturally, right after the first time the desired effect is not achieved, but after 8-10 procedures you will be pleased with your skin. And pimples and other defects of the face will say goodbye to you. And one more thing: a face mask with a sponge will never become obsolete.

mask of the bodyguard
It will always be popular, since it is considered the most effective and cheap means to achieve beauty in the shortest possible time.

Save my hair

Hair is also the "face" of women. Agree, it is much more pleasant to talk with a person when he is neat, clean and handsome. And quite another thing - to communicate with a girl who has fat, bruised, brittle hair-straw. Girls, do not worry, your problem can be solved without using scissors. Beauty and health will be returned to the hair by a special mask from the bodyguard. Its composition includes the familiar greenish powder of the body and a solution of 5% boric acid (it can be replaced with 6% hydrogen peroxide.) Such a magic mask (body-water + hydrogen peroxide) reviews get the most positive.

Preparation: in one tablespoon of gray-green powder, gently, stirring constantly, pour in a solution of boric acid to obtain a homogeneous mass, in a consistency similar to sour cream.

how to make a mask from bodyguards
ATTENTION: do not use the mixture inside.

For very fatty hair, the mass must be warmed upon a water bath (for a couple) and rub it on the parting (always use rubber gloves). After the mixture starts to burn hard, count down half an hour and only then wash off the solution. The procedure is certainly not pleasant, but in just 7 weeks you will not recognize your hair (this mask is recommended once a week, the number of procedures depends on the fat content of hair.) The average number of uses is 7 times.

For brittle and split ends, the mask should beleave for 20 minutes, without waiting for a burning sensation, after rinse with water, and tips it is recommended to lubricate with any baby cream. Use also once a week. Course - 5 weeks.

Oh horror, my back!

Small pimples can appear not only onface, but also on the back and shoulders. How to deal with this misfortune? In solving this problem, we will be helped by the famous and unique mask of bodypainting and blue clay.

Prepare this mask is quite simple: in the pharmacy we buy the necessary elements, such as a bodyfish, clay.

mask of the bodyguard of hydrogen peroxide reviews

Cooking process: for four tablespoons of water we take seven tablespoons of clay. Thoroughly mix and dilute with boiled water (the mixture should get quite thick). On the affected areas of the skin with a thick layer of a mask and wait for it to dry completely. After washing off with warm water (not necessarily boiled). We put a cream (best any child, it is quickly absorbed and does not contain unnecessary substances that damage the skin cells).

This procedure should be done no more than once in5-6 days. Do until the pimples disappear. Usually the result is noticeable after the third use. But after all, everyone has their own skin, so the course in this case, the person sets himself.

Should I make a mask?

Summing up, we can conclude that forcaring for appearance does not necessarily spend large sums of money, because affordable solutions and inexpensive pharmacy products are great for solving many problems. The most important thing in this business is desire. The desire to become better, to be beautiful and irresistible primarily for yourself. And, of course, mask masks, but it is not worth forgetting about proper nutrition. After all, one of the causes of defects on the skin is malnutrition and lifestyle in general. So, dear girls and women, draw conclusions and sparkle with beauty. Successes to you in achieving such a cherished and cherished goal!

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