It is known that the basis of an ideal make-up iscorrectly chosen tone. If he is impeccable, then everything else will look great. It is important that the foundation not only suits you in color, but also organically lies on your skin, which can be oily, dry or mixed.

This is why special funds arerequirements. In this article, we will analyze in detail the tone cream Lumene. To the credit of this Finnish company, it should be said that it does not test its development on animals and does not order such experiments from other companies.

But as ingredients that make upfunds from "Lumen" (including tonal creams) can not be doubted. All of them are approved by dermatologists. In addition, the company develops each product for a specific type of skin, which allows the consumer to look not only beautiful, but also to eliminate some epidermal problems.

Also, tonal creams have a different degree of density. This allows you to create a make-up in the style of "nude" or more theatrical cover for an evening out.

Cream tonal Lumene

About the manufacturer

It is a mistake to assume that the best decorativecosmetics - French. "Lumen" is a Finnish company. The history of the company is not as long as that of famous French manufacturers. But her "skate" was the latest scientific developments in terms of allocating from plants the maximum amount of useful substances.

After a long Scandinavian winter comesa long polar summer. Arctic plants seem to absorb the energy of the sun that does not go beyond the sky. Therefore, the concentration of useful oils and caring substances is so high in them. Using any tonal Lumene cream, you can be sure that the energy and life-giving force of the Arctic nature will be transmitted to your skin.

The firm appeared forty years ago, but during this timewell-proven in the world of beauty. Whereby? Experts "Lumen" are able to extract from the Scandinavian plants all the most valuable. And these substances, together with arctic ultrapure water, due to advanced technologies, become carers.

Cream Lumene Reviews

Overview of collections of foundation creams

Women expect from powder different, sometimesmutually exclusive effects. One needs dullness and velvety, others like gloss and shine. Some girls put emphasis on the ability of foundation to smooth the complexion and hide flaws.

For all cases, "Lumen" has its own collection. Shine your skin will give a foundation of "Glow". Looking for opacity? A remedy from the Matte series is guaranteed to remove oily shine and make the skin velvety. The toning cream Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation instantly transforms your image. It smoothes the skin and improves the complexion.

Creams of SS with cranberry extract combinethe quality of decorative, sunscreen and caring cosmetics. There is also a new series of "Invisible Lights" - for those who want to create a make-up in the style of "nude". At your service and facilities for sculpting the face - highlighter, bronzer, concealer. And now consider each series in more detail.

Lumene Blur


Owners of oily or combination skin forevertormented by the question of how to remove this greasy shine from the forehead and nose. Matting cream tonal Lumene cope with the problem in a minute. And, unlike the funds of other manufacturers, it will solve this issue drastically. A greasy shine will not appear after a couple of hours.

There are several samples in the matting collection. Lumene Natural Code Skin Perfector Matt Makeup contains pigments of the Scandinavian plantain. The product carefully cares for oily skin, intensively softening and moisturizing it. What do the reviews say about the effect of this cream from a black tube? He does not clog pores, masks minor imperfections, gives the skin silky and softness. A greasy shine is eliminated and does not return throughout the day.

In the same black tubes are produced and othersmatting means. This is a toning SS cream "Natural Code Color Correction Maycap." There are also two compact powders of "Natural Code": the first one is called "Skin Perfector 2 in 1", and the second one is "Matte Powder". In all of them, the active ingredient is an extract of arctic psyllium.

Cream Lumene CC

New for matting

Cream tonal Lumene Matte with cloudberry became a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of experts of this company. It provides an ideal smooth and dense coating without the slightest greasy shine.

As part of the product there are no oils, but there is an extractcloudberry. This amazing northern berry is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. The tonal cream "Matte" not only eliminates greasy sheen, optically narrows the pores and improves complexion, but also nourishes the fat and combination skin, returning her youth.

Reviews assure that make-up with this tool inthe quality of the base looks wonderful. Greasy shine on the forehead and wings of the nose does not appear all day. A tube of 30 milliliters is enough for a long time. There is such a cream 960 rubles, which is not so much, given the effect of the means. Choose the right tone will not be difficult. The product is available in six shades: ultra-light, ivory, classic and warm beige, honey and peach.

Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation

«Glow Foundation»

Absolute comfort when wearing makeup,intensive moisturizing and radiance, as if coming from within - all this is provided by Glow (foundation). Lumene - reviews in this issue are in solidarity with the information from the manufacturer - prepared for the owners of dry and normal skin a real gift.

The experts of the firm created on the basis of drawing fromScandinavian cloudberries and the purest water from Arctic sources, a miraculous tonalnik that moisturizes the skin, like a real day care cream. In addition, it protects against ultraviolet, as it is equipped with filters SPF-15. The product is easy to shade and forms a light coating - like a thin veil. Make-up with this foundation is natural. The agent is presented in six shades. Reviews say that you can use sponge, brush or even fingertips to apply.

Lumene Blur - Transforming Facial Cream

And in this tool the main active ingredientthere is a miraculous cloudberry. In this case, an extract from her seeds. The product is designed for all skin types. It gives a semi-matt effect and provides an average coating density.

A formula rich in antioxidants restores youth to the skin. As part of the means, there are also light-reflecting pigments. This effect the manufacturer compared with Photoshop. The drug is hypoallergenic.

The Lumene Longwear Blur toning cream transforms the face. It obscures irregularities and hides small wrinkles on the skin, the color is equal. And this irreproachable make-up lasts sixteen hours.

And what do the reviews say about this foundation? The product has a very light, soft texture, thanks to which it is easily applied and shaded. Medium density coating, velvety. The face has a natural look and looks flawless. The cream "Long-wave Blar" is available in eight shades. In the palette there are both cold and warm tones. In light-skinned women, shades of "ultra light", "ivory", "bright nude" and "classic beige" are popular. Girls with darker skin color will approach "soft honey", "fresh apricot", "light" and "warm beige".

Lumene Blur Transforming Foundation Cream

Cream Lumene CC "Absolute perfection"

The main active component of this toolis arctic bilberries. No parabens and perfumes. Thanks to this formula, this foundation is available even to allergy sufferers. The cosmetic means is saturated with color pigments, which makes it possible to provide a uniform ideal coating.

The consistency of the cream is light, simply weightless. But this does not prevent makeup from being persistent. As well as it is necessary СС-creams, tonalnik combines in itself some functions: it smoothes a skin, gives to it a glow of a youth, keeps color pigments, masks faults and ideally merges with a natural tone. In addition, it protects against ultraviolet radiation (SPF-20 filters). Like the foundation Lumene Blur, this tool instantly transforms the whole appearance. Your skin seems to shine from within with the beauty of youth.

The reviews mention one more tool in whichthe main active component is the Arctic cowberry. This is "Absolute perfection" in the SS-powder format. There is such a tool of 680 rubles - a little cheaper than a foundation. The price of the primer is 961 rubles.

Transforming foundation Lumene

The series "Invisible Glow". Multifunctional Serum

The main component of this collectionis life-giving arctic spring water. Like the transforming foundation Lumene Longwear or SS "Absolute perfection" with cranberries, the serum-fluid "Invisible Illuminations" performs several functions at once. It can be used as a make-up basis (to create a natural image), like a primer, as a concealer or as a highlighter.

Serum does not contain oils and parabens. Spring water and extract from cloudberry moisturize the skin, nourish it with antioxidants and restorative peptides. The product is saturated with clarifying flickering pigments. Therefore, the serum can be called a foundation. It transforms the complexion: gives it a radiance and a uniform tone, removes stains, masks imperfections, imparts radiance. And thus also cares, prolonging a youth of a skin. The price of this unique facility is two thousand rubles.

Liquid bronzer

To the series "Invisible Glow" is also a means,which reviews characterize as a wonderful final touch in creating makeup. In the sculptural modeling of his face, he can be used as a bronzer. In the fluid, illuminated pearlescent pigments, effectively playing on cheekbones.

But the tool with the same success can be usedand as a Lumene foundation. Reviews assure that it gives the skin the effect of an easy tan. The product on the basis of Arctic water perfectly moisturizes the epidermis. A cloudberry extract, rich in antioxidants, prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. There is such a liquid bronzer 1611 rubles.

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