Copper hair color is endowed with magical power,because the locks of copper-red color attract the looks of others as if by a magnet, they excite and enchant. In the Middle Ages, this color evoked associations with black magic and otherworldly powers, and even nowadays red curls are shrouded in a halo of mystery and mysticism.

copper hair color

Do you like copper hair color? And do you dream of the color of the mahogany? This is very useful, because this season this palette is at the peak of popularity.
But this color is the rarest. In the world only 1% of owners of hair of a natural red color. But if you do not enter into their number, despair still is not worth it. The cosmetic and chemical industry will come to the rescue. What colors are not present on the windows of numerous shops!

Red, copper, amber colors ... What color shade more? It is not necessary to be born in Ireland to have hair of this shade. The only condition that must be observed in order to afford a copper hair color is a flawless skin. The most fashionable shades of copper color - such as red gold or Venetian, are ideal for those who have a color appearance type cold. If the eyes are green, and the color of the hair is copper, this is an excellent choice!

Not too bright shade of red will suitnatural brown-haired women. In this case, strands without much difficulty can be given an easy copper tide. This shade looks chic, especially in the rays of sunlight. It is achieved by the addition of henna, which itself gives a copper hair color.

hair color copper

Chestnut shade will suit a girl with paleface with freckles. An intense red shade is unnatural, so it can be outwardly suitable for each of us. But choosing it, it is necessary to take into account some psychological moments. Modest, shy and indecisive young ladies from him it is better to refuse. He literally draws attention to the owner of such hair and emphasizes her character. Therefore, it is better to stop on natural red color or honey shades of bronze. You can choose an orange color. But the dark red pomegranate colors dare not afford each. It is better to prefer muted shades of mahogany.

How to care for copper-colored hair?

Red color fades faster than other shades and morequickly washed off. Therefore, with particular attention should be given to the selection of shampoo and cosmetics for hair. Give preference to the means, which include pigments of red shades, in particular, it can be chestnut or hibiscus. For self-use, experts advise using pigmented agents in the form of powders. But about professional shampoos and nutritious masks, presented only in the salons, should also not be forgotten.

If you have skin problems, for example,acne, scars, pronounced couperose or pigmentation spots, it is better to forget about copper shades. By the way, this applies not only to skin problems, but also redness, conjunctiva, and yellowish teeth.

Copper hair color - photo. Choosing the best option

copper hair color photo

In the photographs, the copper color of the hair shimmersall sunny shades from light golden to intensely chestnut. Modern dyes allow entering any image, even completely fantastic. However, remember the above nuances when choosing the right shade. A photo will help you make the right choice.

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