Today, runes from talismans and amuletsturned into a means of decorating the body. However, not everyone who has decided to embellish himself in this way knows what their tattoo means, and long since it is believed that the runes change the destiny of a person.

The runes were most often used by the Celts and Slavs not only as amulets and talismans, but also helped in performing magical rites.

Because tattoos are able to influence the fate of their possessor, before tattooing, you need to know what it means. After all, everything needs to be approached wisely.

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Slavic runes: tattoos and their meaning

Before drawing a picture on the body, study the meaning of the tattoo, because it should reflect your inner world, attitude to life and not be a meaningless product on the skin.

Runa Alatyr personifies the symbol of the universe, the beginning and the end of everything that exists.

Bereginya is a symbol of the feminine. Denotes a female image that is associated with protection. It is also the rune of the Goddess Mother, life, death and destiny.

Wind - the rune of the spirit, means the desire for the goal, the ascent to the top.

Dazhdbog - symbolizes all blessings, attribute - the cornucopia. Runa means acquiring something, prosperity, new acquaintances, successful completion of affairs.

Is - represents the rune of life, symbolizes growth, movement, renewal.

The source of the crisis, stagnation.

Kruda - this rune is a symbol of fire and the embodiment of personal aspirations of man.

Lelya is a rune of elements of water, intuition.

The world is the rune of the universe, it reflects the inner content of man.

Need - the rune of the inevitable fate that has come after the death of darkness.

Support - the fleece of the gods, the foundations of the universe.

Slavic runes of tattoo and their meaning

Tattooing with runes Peruna is the symbol of the god of thunder, its main purpose is to protect the world from chaos. It symbolizes power, vitality.

The rainbow is the rune of the road, and the road is a special state, something more than a movement. It means stabilization, assistance on the road, a good outcome of situations.

Rock - the rune of the spirit of all existing, but not manifested, means the beginning and the end of all that exists.

Rune of power is a symbol of a warrior. It means freedom, change of the world. Symbolizes unity, integrity. Rune of power is also the rune of victory.

Treba is the rune of the warrior spirit. "Treba" means sacrificing oneself. Rune symbolizes an unshakable and firm spirit.

Ud - male rune, embodying the male principle. Imitates the creative power, the power of love, the passion for life.

Rune of Chernobog - the force that leads to chaos. It means the destruction of old ties, the way out of the closed system.

Slavic gods

Not only are tattoos runes very popular, but also drawings with images of Slavic gods. Gods existed a lot, the most famous of them are:

  • Perun - he was worshiped mostly by warriors with princes, because he was considered the patron of the first. The common people did not respect him.

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  • Veles - according to Slavic traditions he represented fertility, was considered the patron of livestock, forests and prosperity. It was believed that those who worshiped him comprehended the secrets of medicine and agriculture.
  • Svarog - was considered the first of the gods, the forefather of all living things.
  • Chernobog - is the god of chaos and human ills.
  • Dazhdbog - otherwise the sun god. He was most revered by the Slavs, because he represents fertility and warmth.
  • Yarilo - the sun god, personifies the awakening of nature, is revered as the god of conception.

Slavic amulets

If you are attracted by tattoos of rune-amulet, then the Slavic symbolism like no other is excellent for these purposes. As a picture you can choose:

  • The sign of thunder - the symbol of the god Perun, is depicted in the form of a six-pointed cross, enclosed in a circle.
  • Valkyrie - is considered an ancient talisman, guarding wisdom, nobility and honor. Often it was made of metal and wood and worn around the neck.
  • The flower of the fern - symbolizes the purity of the spirit, it is believed that it has healing properties.

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  • Ladynets is a guardian for family harmony, it protects love and happiness.

How to choose a tattoo

Runes tattoos attract lovers very muchnot only because of their unusualness and beauty, each tattoo carries a hidden meaning and changes a person's life depending on the chosen sketch.

Runes have a strong energy, you needcarefully choose a drawing. If your choice still fell on the runes (tattoos), sketches exist in different variations. However, it is very important to find a worthy master who could accurately convey all the majesty and clarity of the lines of drawing.

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